Original article posted by Minty:

Ah, its been over a month since I returned home to the bickering, the heat, my alcoholic, crude, unmotivated, stoned friends and family. Fuck I missed this place.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I still sense this city giving me the perpetual finger, but its home ya know? And yes, you can get used to anything. Case in point, my skin. Some of you may know that I am Hispanic though my skin is quite pale and fair. Though I still manage to avoid sunburns unlike the rest of you damn gringos. Lately though I notice I don’t tan, but toast for a few hours. It seems that my skin tolerates a brushing of color before quickly reverting back to its original hue, or lack there of.

So why is this relevant? The nature of my skin? Well its not. Not in the least. I’m quite aware that my life and the subtle nuances it plagues me with are either comical or easily over looked by every other living person on the planet. Meh. MEH I say.

Actually “meh” seems to be my attitude towards this arm pit of a summer. I have been hired twice, fired once, and laid off once. This is distressing when I consider that I am usually a very good employee and until this month some odd streak, have never even been reprimanded at a job. Also I despise the DMV, once more I loath any sort of test that involves practical driving skills. Have failed twice on my drive exam. For different reasons on each. And what really chaps my ass is that the reason I failed on the first was rectified by the second. Though the action was fairly good at on the first test earned me a failing grade on the second!

Fuck. Fuck all I say. And no, I’m not dead but my spirit is getting there.