Original article posted by Cube:

I find that I have always been at my best when I am alone. I have always studied most profusely when surrounded by solitude; I have always formulated my most stimulating plans when left to the wiles of myself, and myself. Perhaps most important though, I have come up with the best dang come-backs to insults hurled my way, hours, days, or years before when I am surrounded by the bliss of nothing.

This is why I have come to enjoy the forty five minute drive from and to work I must endure to earn my meager pay and pretend I am a responsible individual. I am left to myself, and occasionally the radio at full blast, and am allowed to contemplate whatever fancies cross my stifled imagination. Sometimes I must be careful for these fancies seem to take a life on their own on rare occasions.

On one of these moment of flight, I reflected upon some events in my life that I am sure occurred one way, though had been explained to me differently. So along with such confusion the ultimate thought comes. Do I accept what has been explained to me, or do I go along with my own recollection. Perhaps if I am especially cynical I could create an entirely new version of the events and believe them as truth from here out. For whatever you believe as truth is truth.

Beauty, as quoted in its infamous cliché, is in the eye of the beholder, so then is truth, in the eye of the best liar.

This train of thought for some odd reason brings the idea of our current judicial system to mind. We hire “liars”. They could be telling the truth, but that does not really matter in a trial setting, they are trying to create a story that looks more real. In the end the best story wins, and the rich that could higher the better liars get off free for crimes they braggingly commit, and the poor who have to higher the men who couldn’t lie to save their lives get them convicted to years of solitary confinement. In the end, only the lawyers win big.

On a side note I think that more lawyers should write fantasy, they do it all day anyway, why not get a little extra pay for the cases they lose.

A truth test will only work for those that are trying to lie, so what is the cure, believe with all your heart that what did not happen, did, and what could not happen, could. Perhaps the world would be a little more entertaining with everyone relying upon their own version of what’s real. Because in the end, isn’t that all that matters.

-It is the darkness that defines the light-