Original article posted by Cube:

Forgive me for any confusion that may result from the deprived ramblings of a hungry mind. I have been forced recently to endure an unanticipated fast of sorts and I am afraid the results are not to my liking, or to societies for that matter.

All seemed normal in the beginning, the long day of waiting for work to end, so my life might begin. For I have discovered that there are many things that a man might happily wake up for in this world, and rarely is work one of them. Even the drive home seemed acceptable, with my usual daydreams sucking up most of the time so I would not have to be mentally conscious during the 50 minute trek from St. George to Cedar. Surprisingly the cursed college ding bats that inhabit the apartment across the street from mine had not awakened from their drunken stupor early enough to steal my parking place, as often happens. So all seemed well and good, and as I entered my study to begin my life that day, I noticed something very peculiar, something that disturbed me greatly, for yes indeed, my arm was missing.

Now a normal man might have noticed it earlier, for wouldn’t it have been hard to program at work with only one arm, yet the day had gone by smoothly. On my way home as I was changing gears in my standard Honda civic wouldn’t the absence of an arm become apparent? Apparently not! No it was not until I walked into my study and sat down to the happy tones of the Crono trigger symphonic album and prepared to enter the gaming world for the eve that I noticed my arm was not there and dang it, that was important if I was going to game successfully this eve.

Curses from the depths of my soul sprang to mind and were quickly brushed aside as I thought of my day ruined. I had woken to go to work this day. I had not clumsily wallered out of bed with the drive to and from work on my mind. I had arisen for the sole purpose of gaming and now my day was taken from me. My fast had begun.

How important is an arm, can you live without it, well yes you can, but it is right up there with vacationing with cannibals somewhere in the Congo on my to do list.

What would you miss in life?

You can finally work on answering the question of what one hand clapping sounds like, along with the ever popular task of one armed hang-gliding.

Yet despite how enjoyable those events seemed at the moment theie luster quickly grew cold as day after day passed by with this malady. It seemed as if life was no longer worth the effort of living without my arm, and I spent most of my time dwelling upon how much my arm had meant to me and how much I had taken it for granted.

I called up experts to hear their advise and hope that perhaps modern science had produced some sort of acceptable cure for this physical crisis, and yet no one seemed to provide an answer, well none that is until one fateful morning as I was sitting on my couch in a dark and dismal depression. When I heard the familiar ringing of my computers windows feature, of new hardware found.

In a panic I rushed into my study disbelieving the site before my eyes, Yes, Oh Yes my cable had been restored and yes I was able to join my life online once more Thus with my arm restored I promptly forgot the misery of my last few days and proceeded to download the updates I needed to resume my play.

-It is the darkness that defines the light-