Original article posted by gandhi2:

Yesterday morning, my supervisor said he needed to talk to me, and to logout of my computer. I was nervous, because I usually don’t need to talk to him in private. The last time that happened, I was told I got a payraise from $6 tp $7 an hour. An hour later of twiddling thumbs, my boss came in and said they’d just be a minute. Another hour later, I was hungry and went to heat up my chili/baked potato. I was told to put it back, the bosses were taking me to lunch. My first reaction was that it couldn’t be all bad. Nobody gets fired right AFTER they are taken to lunch.

The lunch was going ok. Chitchat. Good sandwiches. How is work? How is your family? How is school? We have a proposition for you.

Background first, they said. The company had hired a new CFO. We are going in a new direction. We want to make use of your excellent communication and salesmanship. So we are offering you a job as a scout. Find leads, we pay comission, make the sale, we pay higher comission.

Naturally, this sounded interesting. I would have more time at home. This would be fabulous for my school schedule. I would have more time to do things, because I could set or unset my OWN crazy work schedule. I told them I was interested, and how long do I have to think about it.

Remember that new CFO? Yeah, him. Well the first thing he said was cut overhead. Obviously, the position in which I’ve been complaining about feeling expendable was the first to go. You have no job as of now. We hope you choose to stay with us, and feel that you’ll take to sales like a fish to water.

So. Hurrah. I was in control of things before. At least I knew that I’d get a paycheck every two weeks, no matter how meager it was. This felt, to those of you who know, just like being in a fight with a DC Weaver whose almost dead, and having two more DC Weavers coming up behind you for a potential gang rape, and possibly no net gain, but great rewards if you could fight such fuckulence.

I agreed to take the job. Its not like I can’t back out at any minute. They’ve made it quite easy to do that. And it will be good come school time. Financial aid is sufficient to sustain me and mine. Still, the situation merits a rant. Until next time, dear readers, keep on working. The world has dictated that man is destined to hate whatever it is he needs to do to survive.