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Just kidding.

Movecalls, or transfers, or whatever you want to call it, was pretty stressful for me this time. First, because I actually moved this time. And second, because I also got my mothers-day phone call sunday morning. Yeah, it’s a little off, but I had permission.

It was weird to talk to my family again. It did make me a little homesick, though. I found myself thinking about it after I hung up – like “What are they doing now? Are they talking about the conversation? Are they watching a movie?” It just made me want to go back and be a part of that life again. It was a little sad, but sad because of love, not because of depression. This is a higher quality type sad. It’s like the Carrabbas of sad, compared with the Mcdonalds of sad – which would be lingering, greasy, screaming children in colorful tube type sad.

So it’s okay. Really.

But then it was off to church. At church my companion proceeded to tell everybody that I was moving. So we had a big elder-Hamblin pity party. Luckily there wasn’t much drama, except on my part – as the ward members all are used to missionaries coming and going. I spent the whole time thinking of all the people I was going to miss.

But that was yesterday. Now it’s today.

Last Wednesday night I selected a new hero for myself. I am hoping this will help me better cope with the stresses of serving a mission My new hero for the mission, and perhaps longer, is Alfred Pennyworth.

I figure I need to recognize that I’m not capable of doing all the things I wish I could, like fighting crime, but I am capable of being the perfect assistant to those who can do the things I can’t.

I mean, think about it, Alfred is awesome. He always did exactly what was needed for Bruce Wayne to continue being Batman. He was completely unselfish and didn’t want any glory or recognition. He did his very best at all that was asked of him and always got the job done with dignity and speed.

So I figure if I can accomplish that much – that is, someday learn to be an Alfred – I’ll be doing pretty well. After all, how many people do you know who are that cool?

000 messages 000

BLAINE: when serving mission, remember alfred.
STEPHANIE: thanks for your letter. Don’t do anything that would make me look at you in a stern manner. Also please write with your new permanent address, seeing as you said your parents are moving.
RODNEY: I am sure I had something meaningful to say. Perhaps you should try writing while I try to remember.
TOM: thanks for the goods. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
KAYE: hee hee. I called you kaye.

What an unusual and delightful group of friends I have.

Busy in Banqiao,