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Entry 71 – August 11, 2004

Before I get started on some needlessly complicated bit of babble that I spew for a combination of public inquiry and personal aggrandizement, I want to point out that today was a special day.

The Wendy turned some age today, she can tell you what age if she cares. But I would like to take a moment to say that I appreciate the Wendy as a friend and as a compatriot on this planet. Though I have known her for almost 4 years now I am saddened by how little I know about her and I would like her to know that if given a do over of the whole thing I would have spent more time with her and a helluva lot less time being self-absorbed and whiney.

Just because.

Now that you’ve been thouroughly confused and distracted by my cheery prattle I’ll let you in on how things are really going.


Maybe even peachy, which is what I most commonly say when someone asks me how I am. The answer works in nearly all sitautions because if I’m doing well it covers that by being a fruit and a pleasent smell. If, as is often the case, I am feeling poorly then “peachy” can be seen to describe a furry object that will spoil and smell awful and in the center there is a rock hard pit that can sprout a whole tree of mixed metaphors.

I think the description is perfectly apt. Apt, I say.

And then the stand-up comedian says, “But seriously folks,” and we all nod and await the next hackneyed, possibly cliche bit.

With white knuckles and frothing mouths. The waves of laughter starting at just below the navel and swelling and building and constricting as it flows up the torso to the head where it will produce laughter or sneers. I leave you to decide which you prefer.

Me, I’m a snarling sort. I blame the see and Blaine, but not in that order and not for any good reason.

Tomorrow I pay for summer tuition and then settle down and wait for the summer to end and Fall semester to begin. Just this one last year and I get to go elsewhere to be annoyed by the peoples of that place to.

I’m not all that negative, and I’m in a good, if not somber mood. All reflection, however, requires that I calls it as I sees it, and the world as rarely been a place where I can make overtly generalized positive statements without being visciously stabbed.

So I will say the overtly negative things which will conjur up less karmic retribution and you can all pretend that I mean some degree of good or bad, positive or negative, black and white according to your personal moral barameter.

I’m sure that given the amount of time I’ve been around here that one of your assumptions will be correct and the other will be correct eventually. Be content with the fact that you have won. Perhaps not today, but someday and maybe even more than once.

I wish I could simply level with you all about a number of things that have been biting at me lately, but I do not have the words because I haven’t really been learning anything for the last 5-6 years and I feel the atrophy settling in.

I’ll give you a better rundown, a promise that I intend to make good on, in a future time (roughly three weeks from now) when I’ve jump started my brain with information and facts and ideas. Some of which will definately not be mine.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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