Original article posted by Greg:

Got letters from home yesterday, including something from my little sister and a package which included blueberry muffin mix. Huzzah. Now I just need one of those big boxes full of american candy and cookies and ez cheez. mmmm… easy…

Not that I’m hinting.

Well, this week I’ve been slacking on my note taking, so I’m not sure what to report about. I can’t remember much. We’ve found several familes who are interested in learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s amazing how much a person is capable of loving everybody around him when he spends so much time thinking about Jesus Christ and trying to understand the teachings of the gospel.

But that’s a conversation for another day, when it’s just you and me. Not for online.

Today we ate breakfast on the roof of a 26 story apartment building. I could see most of my old area (holy. cow. it. was. huge.) and all of my new area. Banqiao is beautiful… in comparison. Nice, clean, big streets, lots of stores, great fun for all… except those who never have time to enjoy it – such as, oh, missionaries for example.

Bent a wheel on my bike while doing wheelies the other day. Drat. I guess I better get that fixed.

What else is new? Elder Rowberry and I continue to get along pretty well, despite different backgrounds. He says I’m a geek – which is true, maybe you’ve seen my website – and then he says that he’s become one on his mission. His brothers will probably beat him up when he gets home.

Everybody wears pink here. Is that happening in america too?


Rodney: Of all my friends, I am lacking post from you most of all. Rectify.
Blaine: Of all my friends, I am lacking post from you most of all. Except perhaps rodney. Repair.
Stephanie: See above and modify accordingly.
Tom: Thanks for the mail, but I don’t have time to write back lately. Please continue to make efforts at bombarding me with mail. And weird newspaper cut-outs.
anybody: Please send pictures of alfred for me to post at my desk.
Jodie: About time.
Kaye: Still haven’t recieved the promised letter, but I bet it will be good.
Parents: I have found previously mentioned bag here for 60 dollars. Will proceed with purchase. More money down the drain, but probably needed. Along with bike repairs of about another 20-30 dollars. Drat. Thanks for muffins. will eat someday. Be nice to hamster and please tell maryn and jenna and tom and every other visiting relative hello for me. Every other visiting relative: Hello. Please write. Aunt and Uncle Thompson: Thanks for the letters. Maybe I will be able to write back someday.

That’s all for this week. I’ll try better next week.

-Elder Hamblin, the mighty conquerer of the northern realms and holder of the third mouldy tangerine seen in the vision of St. Studly.