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Well friend, it’s been another week. Nothing exciting as far as the ways of the world goes has occurred. Minus the most sissy typhoon in the history of me being in Taiwan.

Freakin’ sissy.

My sister has some big news, but I’ll leave it to her to post here if it is her desire.

My mother’s car was struck by lightning while driving across the Arizona/Utah border. I guess I wont have my very own outback when I get back.. hmm…

Zone training was last week. It was pretty okay. My notebook of thoughts fills up by the day.

I find the ailments of age are sending up warning flares now that I’m here. I’m beginning to detect a future involving aching knees and poor vision. Or that could be because I’m outside in the sun riding my bike every day. I am also gaining weight, but that’s just because I’m a freakin’ pig.

I continue to get along well with elder Rowberry. He’s a funny funny man, with a history of fistfights with his brothers. He says the first thing he wants to do after walking into his home when his mission is over is start hitting is older, stronger brother as hard as he can.

That to me is comedy.

A lady in the elevator said to us “Oh, you’re that religion that always wears the big yellow robes, right?” Um… no. “and you’re the ones with the pony-tails, right?” We look at each other… Um. no.. “and You guys all have like four wives, right?” Um… no… “Oh… well, never heard of you, then.”

And so it goes.

We have several people who are very excited to join the church, and several people who are excited to avoid us. It’s a strange time to be in right now.

It’s impossible to do this missionary work and not think about the people in the world.. and the human soul… free agency, and destiny, and the like. There are many times when we meet a person who so desparately needs some direction or something to believe in, and I can’t help but wonder why they would reject even hearing this message. But I guess I understand. Sorta…

Well, i’m off to Ximen to look at expensive american stuff and cheap taiwanese stuff.

Endlessly seeking truth,
-Elder Hamblin

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: psychosis of the liver
Well now…Lacking post from me huh? That’s no surprise…I haven’t written you yet. At least not in the form of pen and paper. I do, however, try to post comments on your letters as much as I have something to say. I do have actual news this time. I “found” my shots record. This has allowed me to give my papers to my new bishop. (they redrew the ward boundaries and I ended up in another stake) He said everything is in order and he will send it to President Grant. They should be in the mail within a week. We hope. Also, I will be ordained an elder soon. How soon I don’t know. But soon. I have plans to involve your family when I go to the temple, but so far I don’t know when that will be. That’s all for my news.

I like the choice of Alfred for a hero. Not only do you get the rewards of helping someone, but you get some of the satisfaction of seeing Batman’s results without taking the beating that Batman gets. gl hf!!