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Dear home.

please send multivitamins.

In other news there was a typhoon that blew through town yesterday. It was cool because it was the first ‘real’ typhoon I’ve experienced here. There are trees and signs lying in the streets. Also there are bycycles bent up in the parking area of this computer joint. Apparently there were a few people who didn’t feel the need to leave Ragnarok online or whatever during the storm… and apparently they’re still here.

It was fun. Typhoon = wind and rain. I guess if we were in a country where every building wasn’t made completely of concrete it might have done some damage or been scary or something. But no. Just windy. And rainy.

My favorite part was the big black dog that just sat in the middle of an empty parking lot by the church, just looking around. ho hum… gale force winds… ho hum…

I have a goal to ‘pre-CM’ a week from tomorrow. I am lacking in self confidence. I’m not sure I can do it. But I’m going to try. It’s hard to get up in the mornings to get those studies in. Then it’s hard to stay up and continue studying.

Today we will go into the mission office and pick up a package for my companion. I guess that’s just fine since we really can’t think of anything else to do. Feels like a bit of a waste of a preparation day, though, since we’re going into the mission office tomorrow anyway.

Hmm… looks like it’s raining outside… still..

I’ve fallen into the habit of turning to my companion at regular intervals and saying, in a brittish rock-star accent, “Oh yes, you’re an idiot. Love, Sting.”

I have no explaination for that behavior.

There’s a boy to my left who has apparently rented 2 computers here so that he can play two characters at the same time. Though one of them tends to stand around a lot.

I’m really out of stuff to say.

Mission news: We had a 60 year old man get baptized last saturday, and this saturday we have an 80+ year old and a 65ish year old getting baptized. Me and elder Rowberry apparently have some skills with the old folks.

Tomorrow is interviews with the president. I am excited, as it’s always a spiritual uplift.

Alright, I’m really out of stuff to say.

You’re an idiot,

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Nickname: Stephanie
Re: Online games make me sleepy…
hello Greg san
what is your favourite kind of american candy? I forgot.
I’m working 2 jobs at the moment, so not much time to do stuff. But Blaine and Kayeleen and I went to a movie a few weeks ago, that was nice.
I’m working on saving $5000 at the moment. In about 5 months time, I will be applying for a working holiday visa to go to new zealand. wish me luck. or something.
I have a baby kitten, and I named her Jezebel. You would like her. And call her a devil.
Man I miss you
hope you are doing well, wish I could write more. Sorry i’m so lazy in writing you. You actually win by lots the award of the missionary I’ve written most to. Congratulations.