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Entry 72 – September 1, 2004

The thing you have to understand about burly men is that they will come at you from all sides in precisely timed manuevers that you may be unable to calculate the tragectories of. Part of the reason that they run their manuevers in this way is to confuse and disorient you, part of the reason is so that you will get nervous enough dodging one or two that you will never noitce the third one that was sitting there, all coy and nonchalante the whole time until he suddenly hits you over the head with a 2×4.

Monday they took a rough roundhouse swing at my head. It was a slow drunken Australian sort of swing, easy to dodge and not particularly damaging if it does connect. The financial aide office sort of decided that I hadn’t told them that I had already paid for the summer semester and delayed my money by a day. I told them I had paid and that I would like my money, they said “Okay” and I got the money on Tuesday.

Which is when burly man number 2 came rushing in from the sidelines with a half-assed attempt to knock me to the floor. I sidestepped the lumbering fool and kicked him in the ribs. Which is when I noticed that he was already rather bruised and scarred. See, on this occasion the finincial aide office had only given me $1700 of my $3200 in moneys. I explained this to them, they went “Oh, right” and fixed the problem I will get the rest of my moneys next week which I find annoying but reasonable.

Later in the day I discussed what was going on with Rowsdower and he told me that Rick, our estranged, angry, occasionaly imprisoned, overly violent associate had been assaulted by the same problem adn the bruising and scarring on the burly man that came at me was the result of Rick having gone over said burly men with a 9 iron behind the ballroom just a few minutes earlier.

So the real question is where is burly man number 3? The one who will actually be a threat, the one who has been using his associates as decoys to lure me into the trap he has set for me?

I don’t know, and worst of all I will not know until he’s suddenly assualting me. Then, between blows, I can make some projections about where he was the whole time.

This weekend I will be taking a trip to Salt Lake with Rowsdower. Going to do some eating and some shopping and hopefully some Wendy visiting.

Until tomorrow, or later tonight I am

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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I now feel viciously assaulted by big, burly metaphores. Ouchie.