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It’s that time again. By which I mean it’s time for you to check the web page and find that there’s something new for everyone.

Yes. Even Slobodan Milosevic.

Only a few items of news this week, as the work remains basically the same.

Except when it changes. Like when 3 apostles meet with all the Asia mission presidents and area authorities for 3 days. Just as a for-instance.

Speaking of which, this week will mark the start of major changes in the work for this mission. And by about conference time in October, the entire world missionary program will have changed rather drastically. At least for missionaries. To the outside viewer it will look pretty much the same. Still a couple of missionaries with nametags going around looking for folks who want to learn about God.

Still the same doctrine and teachings, just a little change in how we use our time, and the methods and things taught. For instance, soon there will be only 4 discussions, one of which can be given after baptism, instead of 6 discussions. And we’ll be given an extra hour of preparation/study time in the mornings. The “CM” process will also be standardized worldwide. Which will be good, I reckon. If I’m allowed to reckon, that is.

Which I am.

So there will be more on that as it happens. Our first meeting will be on Friday for about 8 hours. Yippee. That means free Subway Sandwiches.

In other news, I got to visit my first Taiwanese hospital yesterday.

Okay, it wasn’t a hospital, it was like an old-folks-waiting-to-die-while-prolonging-life-as-long-as-possible type place. I don’t remember what they call those in America.

It was very sad. There was lots of old people hooked up to tubes and wires and needles and such. Lots of beeps. The smell of disinfectants and infectants. Most of them had at least one arm tied to the bed to keep them from struggling as nurses cleaned them, injected them, suctioned out lungs, and the like.

I’m still not sure what to think about the whole situation. We went there at the request of a member, who wanted us to be there while he asked his grandfather to not die for a while – as his parents would see it as bad luck for his wedding.

So yeah….

A third item of news. Not really news, but perhaps indicative of human nature and certain cultures. A new member talked with us about his relatives who might accept the Gospel. He brought out some notebooks full of drawings done by his 14 year old granddaughter as he talked about her.

He is rightly proud of her skills. She’s amazing. The books were full of expressive sketches and drawings – most of which were done in the Japanese Cartoon/Comic style [Manga Style]. She had Anime versions of Harry Potter, and other pop-culture icons. Each line was perfectly placed, and nothing was scratched out.

We flipped through the books, amazed at her skill. There was some amazing stuff in there. And for some reason, she decided to end each of her notebooks with a few pages of sexually explicit comics.

My companion was saying he thought it was just Asian culture and USA isn’t as bad because it’s got the Christianity background. I took a moment to point out the fact of “Europe” to which he had to agree that the background of the nations apparently isn’t the main determining factor.

It was funny to me.

Something else funny to me. The word for muffin in chinese is ‘ma fen’ and the word for horse crap is ‘ma fen.’

There’s those pesky tones again.

Would you like a nice big steaming… muffin? Mmmm.


Parents: Please send a copy of “Reading and Writing Chinese: a comprehensive guide to the chinese writing system by William Mcnaughton” or something to that effect. Also, please enclose a Dodge Viper.

Kayeleen: Will write this week. Sorry, didn’t write last week. Sorry to hear about sister/online relationship difficulties.

Jodie: Bwa ha ha ha ha…

That is all for now. Resume normal view.
-Elder G. Hamblin

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