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Well, the shift key is broken on this keyboard and the thing wants to write in Chinese. So I may end up with a really unusual letter today.

In other news, a nice man approached us yesterday and asked if we wanted to learn “Chinese Boxing.” My companion excitedly said yes, but after a little discussion it turns out he meant “Tai Qi” which would be not like boxing. The man later tried to express the depth of his strength through a handshake with elder Rowberry. His arm quivvered, his brow furrowed, his eyes squinted as he applied the force of his will to squeezing elder Rowberry’s hand as hard as he could.

Elder Rowberry grew up in a family of 7 men, all of whom are very much into fighting, bodybuilding, wrestling and the like.

The Man With the Kung Fu Grip started squinting and shaking a little more as my companion squished the man’s knuckles together just a little.

Elder Rowberry: 1. Kung Fu Death Grip: 0.

In other news, the new missionary program is rolling out here in Taiwan. It is probably fully out in other areas, for all I know, but it’s exciting and new here. We just got spiffy new planners and schedules and a bit of what is to come. It was exciting.

I’m wearing green pants with black socks.

The new schedule keeps us in the house till 10:30 AM instead of 9:30. This is because of the addition of a half hour of excercise and a half hour of extra preparation time. That’s neato to me.

The numbers and such which we track and report have been changed to report more of what we’re working for, rather than reporting the steps we take to get to what we’re working for. Get it? It means instead of saying how many people we talked to today to try and get set-ups, we report how many people set up. That sort of thing. So the methods used don’t have as much focus. This is to try and prevent some elders from focusing on the numbers. Now hopefully, they will focus on the goal – which is the people.

The “CM” process has also changed, which makes me happy. I will hopefully be able to be finished with that by mid-October.

Basically everything that has ever frustrated me about the mission is now gone. Everything that I ever found myself thinking ‘It shouldn’t be that way’ about has been erased. AThe missionaries have moved from a program that hardly gives you room to breathe to a program that will allow each elder and companionship to stand or fall on his own. And those who succeed will do so far better than they ever could have in the rigid standards of the previous system.

Now hopefully I’ll be able to remember how to be idealistic.

Elder Rowberry has one thing that he doesn’t like – and that is that he’s forced to set realistic goals. Like sometimes we simply do not have time to visit a member during a day, and so our goal has to be 0.In the past, he has always said “We never have a goal of 0.” But now our goals are reported and compared to our actual numbers. So this teaches us to set realistic, achievable, specific, stretching goals.


Stephanie: Thanks for the letter. I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to write, but I’ll try to soon. Stay good.
Dad: He says nope.
Mom: Carguys thing didn’t work out? Also, I was going to ask you to mail some of my entries to Luke Millhouse, but I don’t happen to have his address on me. Sorry. But I hear you’re pretty busy what with signups and all that stuff.
Kayeleen: Hi.
Blaine: Sorry to hear about all the setbacks. I know how you feel.
Rodney: Back on the old “Time is Money” kick?
Jodie: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. Please forward to others, from me.

Fly High,
Drink Deep,
Stand Tall,
Breathe Free,
Walk Without Rhythym,
-Elder Hamblin

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Elder Rowberry vs. the Kung Fu Death Grip
I’m glad to hear about the changes made in the program. I was a little concerned about my ability to be patient with some of the sillyness you have described. Also, I like to exercise in the mornings. Real mail in the mail.