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Entry 74 – Septermber 21

Zing, zang zoodle. The rest is still to come.

Let me level with you, faithful readers, things have been going poorly as of late. The kind of poorly is of great breadth and some kind of thick rich broth with all the most delicate meat chunks baked right in there.

It’s good eatin’ to say the least.

I’ve been more depressed and sleepy this semester than any previous semester including my first semester, the one right after I had just been banished from my previous life. I’ve gotten over the bulk of it. I’m getting up in the morning and heading to class with some sense of destiny and purpose behind me. Which is good considering the kinds of philosophy I subscribe to are primarily fatalistic.

I’m having some trouble organizing my thoughts around a central point so I’ll just try to put it together in the ultimate of cop-outs – bulleted points.

@ I’m depressed by some vague notion of a parallel world in which I pulled myself together much earlier and am doing much better than I am now, which is to say that I’m depressed because I’m not doing as well in life as my imaginary self from the theta dimension who is always rubbing my nose in his greater more profoundly Rodney-esque accomplishments.

@ I cannot seem to take my recent robbery well. On the one hand I now have less to do in the ways of gaming, which allows me more time to focus on writing and school and besting the Rodney of theta dimension who is such an arrogant bastard. On the other hand I am denied the security of thinking that any of my possesions or intellectual propery are safe, therefore anything I do will only be taken from me. Pathetic, but truly how you feel at such times.

@ I’m amused daily by the antics of Amber who falls asleep and in a groggy half-conscious British accent tries to interact with the other people in the room. Amber is doing something for me that no one has been able to do thus far in the past seven years – she wants me to succeed and finds the proper ways to prod me into doing so. I’m assuming that interdimensional assassins sent from that bastard Rodney from epsilon dimension will be arriving very soon for her. They will be brutally surprised when I shut the dimensional gate on their heads and mock them in the public square like so many Puritans.

@ I’ve got to accomplish something in the way of the semester. So far I’m behind, but I have time and, presumably, energy. With their powers combined I should sit my ass doawn and do nothing but read and write until I’m the me that theta Rodney is and epsilon Rodney wants dead.

@ I do take a large amount of comfort in knowing that epsilon Rodney hates me as much as he does. That guy is a real loser, a real big loser.

Well that is an overly dramatized version of the events of my life that are empowring me to do something something about all of my what-not and the other.

For those of you who only read this line in the text, shame on you, me and the fig patrol are on to you and your “cliff notes of life” ways. You will be tested on some of this material and I only issue fill in the line tests, the bane of all test takers.

I’m good now, see you tomorrow or something.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.