Original article posted by Stephanie:

So I work at Parowan Days Inn now. And Best Western. My jobs are easy as jobs go, and mostly I like the people I work with (the one exception being the owner of BW)
I don’t make very much, but considering where I live, I do ok.
I’m going to New zealand again. And again. Considering that that’s all the news I seem to ever have in my life, it’s not overly exciting. But Me, I’m excited. W00t! 6 weeks and I’ll be there, just a visit. And then 3 and a half months after that, I’m there for good.
Yes, I’m moving to New Zealand. It’s freaky. Terrifying. And I can’t wait.
Now I just have to save up $5000. The fact that I just spent a thousand on a plane ticket isn’t that smart I suppose, but oh well. I don’t pay rent, I can save that much.
Guess we’ll see what happens.
I would write more. But now I have to leave my first job and go to my second.
k, bye