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Entry 76 – September 28

Crazy times in the long morning of distrust and dander. I know what you’re thinking, he’s just going off on some half concieved set of nonsense and will ramble until he’s done leaving whatever point that I, as a reader, brought with me.

That is not true. On many accasions I could indeed be accused of things of this sort, but this time there is something being said by this statement.

The long morning referes to the number of times that I can wake up and feel like sleep was a waste of time. I’m still tired if not more tired and I still haven’t got anything done with my day or night in the case of sleep uselessness.

Distrust is a reference to an unsettling set of near freak outs that I have had out of nowhere recently. Normally I have mood swings and horrible thoughts and grotesque depression and then I get violent and reactionary. Now I can be totally fine with no issues of any sort (other than my ecclectic need to place all phrases containing any, no, or some directly with the word that it preceeds, as in anysort or someplace) and then suddenly I hear a word, or a sound, or see just a glimpse of something and I’m thrown into a momentary violent outburst. I have wanted to harm small children recently, for no reason other than they can make noises and on occassion, Rodney no like noises, noises bad. Grunt, snarl.

And finally dander. My possession of a cat and lack of a vacuum have accumulated almost three months worth of dander around the house. Non alergenic people are starting to succumb to this horror. My eyes burn daily and other start sneezing and coughing and poor Cube rips out in hives time and time again. This type of thing should not be allowed to perpetuate itself all over the various hills and dales of my house. No sir, no sir at all.

NOTE: That last line was nonsense, utter and complete and unerring and unredeemable.

The HackMaster game has been reborn and I feel a sense of completion and wonder at its many splendors. Nowhere else may you play a game that can be so silly and terribly brutal at the same time. It boggles the mind to think that such feats are possible.

Must flee, time is coming for me and I am out of tempus mort. Temporal homicide is a pass time that I can only recommend for the hard of bladder and strong of head.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.