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There’s a festival here where everybody, and I mean everybody, goes out onto the streets and rooftops and does a barbeque. It’s called the mid-autumn moon festival.

Last night we couldn’t walk a block without one group or another demanding we come over and eat of their barbequey goodness. By the end of the night we were saying “We’ll take it with us, okay?” and then chucking whatever it was, no matter how good it was, into the next unoccupied alleyway. We were just that full. And just that sick of eating the random things that get barbequed here.

(by which I mean: Oysters, Clams, Fish balls, fish sticks, something called ‘sweet not spicy’, whole fish, fish jaw, green peppers, mushrooms, lamb, chicken intestine, chicken wing, beef with extra gristle, slices of bread, and pork.)

Most of it was good, there was just a lot of it. Which is pretty amazing, since the biggest barbeque grill in existance in Taiwan (excluding the mission president’s) is about one square foot in cooking area.

Really, that’s about it as far as the news goes. Turns out the work done in missionary work doesn’t really change as far as what is done. We go out every day and try to talk to people. Sometimes we switch up the method a little, but there’s not a lot you can do to change it.

Today we went bowling and then stopped at a cooking store on the first floor. We stared at a can of re-fried beans for a while. Some amounts of salivating occurred.

Some punk kid in here just cranked up the Warcraft III on us. It’s a little distracting. And also that game is kinda old nowadays. Weird.

Random craving for muddy buddies. mmmmmmmm….. (hint hint)

Mom: Yes, CD is okay. Approval recieved.
Stephanie: Well, since you’re demanding, pretty much anything that says “reeses” on it is non-existant in Taiwan. I would be your best friend forever if you could somehow help me find some cups or pieces of the reeses. Also I miss you too, and I would call your cat the devil.
Blaine: You, sir, are a handsome doer of goodness. High five.
Kaye: I like when you send me stuff. It’s nice.
Jodie: There’s a nice guy named Howard here, who speaks pretty good english. He looks kinda like a mexican, but a handsome mexican. Want me to send you pictures? I think he is planning on taking a trip to america if you want me to set up a meeting. hao bu hao? *WINK*
Julia: Hey, you’re training. Ha. Now you get to see what you were like a year or so ago. hee hee. Lucky me, I get to be junior companion forever and ever.
Rodney: deliver post to miss jackson, who should be able to assist in further delivery.

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: I think it’s barbequed fish…
(High five aknowledged) Additional communication to follow over secure channels.

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: I think it’s barbequed fish…
Also, I would like to give a warning: the part where it stops raining is the part where people start dying. Trade that umbrella for air support ASAP!