Original article posted by Greg:

Elder Rowberry got to see his flight plans today. And now he’s staring at a picture of his dad’s new truck in his front yard. I’m hoping the anti-trunky drugs work okay.

After emailing last week, we went to eat a nice big lunch with some super-nice members. While there, a crazy lady came into the building asking if we could either give her money or go with her to the hospital in Danshui. We said no, but offered to walk her to the train station or give her some food. She said no, she could really use some money. We gave her some curry rice.

A few minutes later she was gone. Then sister Anderson noticed so was her bag with all her cash, cards and important “Hey-look-I’m-an-american” documents in it. Elder Rowberry and I dashed outside, searched the station, searched the streets, searched the parking garage. I knew she couldn’t have gone far with her limp and extreme baggage, so we checked the stairwells. We ended up walking into the 3rd floor, which is a Japanese Buddhism (different from chinese, or indian, or taiwanese) church. They said nobody had come in there, but one of the ladies said she was sure she saw somebody go into the restroom. But the other ladies said no.

We returned to the 4th floor (our chapel) to see that they still hadn’t found her. Then my companion saw the elevator doors open with the crazy lady inside. He yelled, she pressed the “close door” button and started down. My companion and I dashed down the stairs. She wasn’t expecting to encounter our loyal army of buddhist secretaries on the third floor, though. Four women snatched her as soon as the elevator doors had opened and brought her right up to us.

Well, long story short, she had gone into the 3rd floor restroom and dumped out everything but the cash, which we found in her bag. But it took about 3 hours to get it back due to this, that and the policemen.

The next couple of days were relatively uneventful except for meeting a person who wants to get baptized. Which was pretty eventful in my mind, since that’s kinda what I do.

Saturday was spent with the ward at the Stake Exercise Big Meeting. (I love chinese.) I competed in the block run, which we dominated in, and my companion competed in both block run and relay, which we also dominated. Banqiao went away with the gold for the fourth or fifth year in a row. The best part was seeing a lot of our new members and investigators there enjoying, and competing.

On sunday afternoon we like to go to the park to contact. Because most people like to go to the park on sundays, often with george. (Ask jared about that one). It was breezy and cool and just great. It’s a park that stretches along the riverbank from Tucheng to inner-Taipei. That’s probably over 20 miles of un-interupted park. There are street hockey rinks, rollerskate parks, bike stuntparks, open fields, running tracks, basketball courts, bike paths, remote-control car tracks, soccer fields and so on. That day there were tons of kites flying overhead. It was just cool. Then we met a guy who was beating up a little tree with a stick. He was cool.

On monday I “pre-CM ed” Which is a neccessary step in CMing. CM stands for “Convincing Missionary” So I guess right now I am “Preconvincing.” I actually went into the mission office today to try and CM, but 1. we ran out of time and 2. My chinese still needs some work. But I feel great about that because it will keep me learning and stretching.

I decided I really like to improve myself. I keep picking something I’m bad at and working at it to make it better. And it’s turning out to be kinda fun and… rewarding? Yeah. that’s it.

I hope I can keep that outlook when it comes time for me to retake a couple of math classes in a few years.

I most likely will move on monday. So… that has nothing to do with most of you.

In a final note, we were called over to a grocery store by a big policeman who spoke english like an italian. He demanded we talk with him about our church. He was really nice, but really distracted. As we were wrapping it up, I asked if I could teach him how to pray. He said “Oh, we don’t have time for that! We would have to prepare the candles, the napkins and the tomatoes!”

I didn’t know what to say to that, really, so there it stands.

To all: Please congratulate my sister on her upcoming thing of excitement and life-alterations.

Lots of whatever it is that I have,
-Elder Rock and Roll