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So I’m currently in Jian. It’s a nice place. Reminds me of Heber City, Utah in a lot of ways. Like it’s the first city I’ve been in that has straight streets. Also lots of small shops, not highrises. And the current temperature is about like those high elevation towns in August or September. Nice.

The town is situated between these gigantic mountains and the ocean. It’s basically the garden spot of the island. Lots of thick plantlife, rice fields, discovery channel type animals, and heavy construction.

My new companion is Elder Taylor. I can’t really tell what he’s like so far since I’ve been here for about 1.5 hours.

The downside of the Hualien area is that any mail sent will take a lot lot longer to get to me. Please don’t send any eggs or milk. Probably wont make it intact.

The other downside was getting really sick in the taxi as we wound through the forest canyons. But then they pushed me onto the train and said “We’ll meet you down there!” and brought my luggage down while I slept on the train. So, not so bad.

My last week in Banqiao was pretty uneventful. Brother Jin, one of our new converts, ditched his wife on the side of the road somewhere on his way to church. And he had a big smile on his face when he told us about it. It made me and my companion really mad at him. He keeps complaining about his marriage, but then refuses to try to improve it, and even does stupid things to damage it.

But surely I’ve ranted enough about bad relationships in the past, no? Yes.

There’s something about a 6 hour road trip that sure takes it out of a guy. By which I mean me. I am that guy. And it’s been taken out of me.

Can’t think of much else to write about. Still not convincing, but maybe someday. (but not too soon, or they might decide to call me as a senior companion, and then what would people think?)

Decently modern,
-elder hamblin

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Nickname: Thurfir_Hawat
Re: Hey taxi.
Hey Greg. Just wanted to say hi. Haven’t visited six mile village in a while. After waking up in the middle of the night rolling about and chanting, “Guido, Guido, Guido…” I thought I ought to see how you are doing. Erin and Sophie (the kid) say hi.


Nickname: Thurfir_Hawat
Re: Hey taxi.
Addendum: Sophie doesn’t say “hi” as much as “coo”, but I think you get what I mean.