Original article posted by Greg:

Really, I’m realizing she is the female Linkin Park. Not that I think about stuff like that here. Ever.

So some more about Jian. (that’s gee-ahn) Lately the temperature has been between mid sixties to upper seventies. I point the finger of mockery towards all who have had to deal with snow and/or frost already this year.

The environment is really a lot like Hemet, California. Now that’s obscure. Tom might get it.

My companion, for those in the know, is quite a lot like Jesse Arbogast. In frightening amounts. I wonder if he’ll read this site in later years and come across this and wonder who Jesse Arbogast is. Well, not to worry, he’s a stud.

There’s a dog that sleeps right outside the door of the apartment building. He gets up and runs with us every time we leave to proselyte. Apparently he’s been hit by more cars and missionaries than you could count on your fingers and toes. We like him a lot. It’s nice to have somebody excited to see you, even if it is an animal.

Actually, we have lots of kids excited to see us, but the parents almost never are.

Elder Taylor just recieved a letter that was sent in the beginning of September. The reason it took so long is because the sender wrote in cursive.

A. The chinese people don’t often read english anyway,
B. English cursive is more like ancient mesopotamian snake worshipers’ secret scrolls of knowledge and favorite cookie recipies of the chief high potentate than English to the average chinese postal worker.

So, if the holy spirit moves you to send a letter, please do not hearken to the spirit which teacheth a person to write the address in cursive. For you must not write in cursive.

The work is going pretty okay here. We have lots of people who are really good, but have serious smoking problems. We keep running into it, and haven’t been able to get anybody to overcome it yet. I can’t imagine how hard it would be. I’m trying to break my habit of popping my fingers, and that’s hard enough without the added physical addiction. So. Don’t smoke.

I’m sorry I don’t often include spiritual things in these emails. I just imagine that not a lot of people are interested. But maybe I’m wrong. Let me know. Also, it’s hard to be spiritual with some rich teenager screaming “Is this what you wanted?” over and over again.


Rodney: I hear there are some interesting changes in life as of late. Please relate. Also avoid rabbits with plumber snakes.

Tom: Thanks for your much support. I have a picture of the “Palm Canyon Drive” ad on my wall. Keep it as real as possible.

Russ: Sorry I’ve still not written. But now I’ve written you a note. Does that count?

Kayeleen: Thanks a bunch for that last letter and added stuff. You are far too nice to me.

Blaine: I’m out of time to leave you a note. Too bad for you.