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I am not happy. i’ve spent the last month sitting at home cowering in my living room frightened that if I leave and intteract with the world I will give said world a black eye.

I have come to the conclusion that the world needs a few more puffy eyes so that it can learn a few lessons. Too often in recent days I have had to endure meaningless, and loud, babble about the supposed meaning of poems and stories and writings because I am in college. I have been in college for 7 years now and it is really starting to get to me. Too much of what is said around me I have already heard and I thought it was the obvious thing not worth mentioning the first time I read whatever it is that is being commented on.

There is an amazing lack of sythnthesis and analysis that goes on in the classes I go to. Everyone seems content to point out what they are reading, as if no one in the class read that particular piece. Unless of course that is the point, everyone reads one or two sentences and then they tell each other what that sentence said while in class and suddenly everyone has done the reading without any effort of any sort.

It makes a strange and horrible amount of sense if you could get past the part where an entire class of people would have to work together on a scheme just this side of clandestine. So I will basically have to reject all such notions as complete nonsense straight off before I begin to spook myself.

i know that I have a set of standards that… well… are standards. No one in any of my classses (see also the expetions of people I admire or respect that I’m not mentionting because this is not that type of article) seems to have anything approaching a goal for all this stuff that is suppposed to be happening in class.

The way I always imagined college was a fantastic situation in which I would be assigned a set of reading, I would go home and read the stuff and then I would go to a class where a person of superior knowledge and experience, the professor, would act as a moderator to the class discussion of the material in which all participants would bring their individual backgrounds and opinions to the discussion and rare insight would be achieved by all.

The reality falls very short of the ideal on this one. Superlatively short. Instead of discussin the material and being interested in knowing what can be found inside of a text, most students seem preoccupied with either kowtowing to the professor or making sure that their often wrong, usually poorly delivered, and above all LOUD opinion is heard by all members of the class. These opinions are normally no more than recitations of the text, or if the student is a particularly obnoxious brand of suck-up they also tell you what the footnotes of their (sometimes but not usually) superiour editions say. No original thought is heard, no opinions of substance are exchanged and everyone feels somewhat shackled by the experience.

Those of us that have things to do with our brains that do not involve making lots of money and making sure that everyone loves us for all those reasons that we are better than others and get along so well and blah blah blah etc., we tend to go nearly comatose in an attempt to not slap around the members of the class that engage in this sort of behavior.

Whcih is why I wish that I could simply spend all of my time discussing Conflict Theory in class. Conflict Theory, unlike so many of the theories that form the Literature of Dissent, looks at a text for the text’s use of violence to solve problems and to solidify the interaction of characters. Conflict Theory then takes this infomration and compares the violence within the text to the violence inherent in the society that created the text. The more drastic the difference between the levels of violence the more interesting it is.

A text that is rife with grotesque descriptions of terrible things happening to people, especially undeserving people the better. Most soceities that produce such a book are frought with hidden violence in sub-cultures and homes, unspoken of atrocities commited daily by a populace that cannot hide what is happening but can lie about it constantly and blatantly. On the other hand a text that is contains an almost complete lack of violence within it will be produced by a society that has violent acts happening in broad day light daily. Acts of violence reflected in every aspect of media is the sign of a sick and degraded society.

A proper society is a society in which the violence in its texts are given a certain weight. A weight that reflects the importance of violence as a way of solving conflicts by adhering to Goorge Bernhard Shaws statement “Nothing important is ever done until men are willing to kill if it is not done.”

Anyway, I have grown most weary of this babble and have a month worth of things to catch up on after my near total atrophy during October.

So leave.

Rodney TGAP
angry young man, half asleep