Original article posted by Greg:

And thus the fight for the equality of nature goes on.

Not a lot to report this week. The rock has been turned up. The suck has been turned down. The jive has been all but eliminated. Funk and groove are at all time highs. And the temperature is in the mid-seventies. People are drinking right out of the refridgerated coconut of life.

Well, it’s not really all quite that good. Funk and groovewise, anyway.

If I ever had a manservant, I would want him to be named “Groovewise.”

I recently passed the point where I’m officially closer to menace-to-society than I am to 24. I celebrated by waxing chairs and singing “A very merry un-birthday to me.” Other missionaries think I’m a little weird. And they may be right.

I was in a 7-11 the other day while my companion was making copies of some important documents. While waiting I saw the front page item on the papers. It was some guy standing in a lion cage at the zoo.

Have you heard this one?

I can’t read Chinese, so I didn’t know or care what it was really. Then later we saw a bit of the news on TV. It showed the lions attacking this guy a bit, then him getting up and raising his hands above his head, then the lions biting his arm a bit more. Then men with guns sedating the lions so the man in the cage could be rescued.

While just as interesting as any good ol’ “When animals attack” on Fox, I figured it must be a slow news day for them to spend much time on it. There also is the fact that this is a pretty small island, and there can’t be that much news to go around.

But later I found out why he had climbed into the lion enclosure.

The guy had been reading his bible. He came across some story that had really impressed him. And he thought, “Hey, I got a lot of faith. I want to do that.” So he determined to show us all just how much faith he had by climbing into the lions den and then praying for God to deliver him from the grasp of the terrifying lions.

I have things I could say about this right now, but I choose not to. Rather I leave you with your own opinions.

By the power of Grey Skull,
-Elder Hamblin