Original article posted by Greg:

Two items of news, one personal and one missionary related. One is that I’m now riding on a bike with two bent wheels. This makes for fun braking experiences. It also reminds me of a video game where the main character is on a motorcycle when the front wheel pops off as he’s in the midst of wheelie-heaven, causing him to crash pretty hardcore. I’m probably going to give in today and see about fixing or replacing them. Three is that I met two missionaries who have played the game “Full Throttle.” Amazing. Two is the status of the Taiwanese Visa.

In order to enter Taiwan as a missionary, the government requires 2 years of previous missionary experience. Up till last week they said that having taken seminary or institute was good enough. But now there’s some fella in the Visa department who says it doesn’t count.

So… we’ll see how that works out. Still have a couple weeks before the next “move call”. So maybe it can be sorted out before then. But if not, we’re going to be getting shorter and shorter on missionaries hereabouts.

Prayers are encouraged.

I’ve had a couple people ask me what I want for Christmas. I realize the number of people who will actually give me something is pretty small, and then there’s the added inconvenience of not wanting to lug anything around Taiwan for another year and a half. Then there’s the rather steep cost of bike wheels. So I direct your attention to the button on the left side of the screen marked “donate.”

But if you feel that cash in my direction is just not a satisfactory ‘spirit-of-giving-type-thing’ I supply the following:

Stuff to be bought and then placed into my room:

Anything written in the past year or so by the following authors: Terry Pratchett, Sue Grafton, Lemony Snickett, Neil Gaiman, Tim Powers

Any of the following DVDs: Lord of the Rings 3 (directors edition), The Lion in Winter, Kenneth Branaugh’s Hamlet, Law and Order: Criminal Intent 2nd season

Size 9.5 bowling shoes.

DVD/CD burner drive

People willing to run about doing my bidding

Home Theater Projector

Anything you want to give me, but wouldn’t want to have to lug around a tropical island for years.

The following may be sent to my current location:

A wallet

Money to place in wallet

motion sickness medicine. (really, they don’t have any here.)

‘Reading and Writing Chinese, revised edition”, by William Mcnaughton and Li Ying

Church socks

Letters from you or print-outs of things you’ve written.

Pictures of yourself doing things.

A digital camera, preferrably one that can take a little video as well.

2 memory cards/sticks for camera

The following care package is reccomended:

1 Ziploc bag of potato flakes
1 ziploc bag of muddy buddies
1 bottle of ibuprofen
2 canisters of ez cheez
1 ziploc bag of rold gold pretzels
1 bag of rice crispy treat
Nerds, Reeses, Butterfinger, Starburst in any amounts
2 boxes of mac and cheeze (also doesn’t exist here)

Wow. I’m greedy.

We’re going to try to have a little Thanksgiving dinner here. It will be interesting to see how it will work out. We managed to find turkey and cranberry sauce, so that’s a good start.

I apologize for my lack of wit and things that go with wit. We went on a hike today and I am very tired out. Efforts will be made.

Can’t beat a Corley,
-Elder Hamblin