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I think my current major problem with people is a result of the country we live in. We live in a country that believes in the “American Dream”. We have set up an ideal where absolutely every person has the potential to be anything they want to be just because they want to be it. Now when this was first tossed about it was grand. As an ideal it is grand. But, come on, it’s still called a dream. How often do dreams just come to life without any effort? Which society was created without bloodshed? How many Utopias haven’t had there martyrs? Sure, you can be anything you want to be, but that isn’t a free ticket. If you want it, get off of your ass and put in some effort. No one said that it was easy to be anything, just that it is possible. A lot of things are possible. That doesn’t make them propable last I checked.

So lets give ourselves a case study to work off of. Everyone loves case studies. Let us take a class full of people who want to be Literature majors. This class can be divided into two very conflicting camps. The majority fall into Camp A. Camp A agrees with everything that the Profesor has to say. Everything they are assigned to read matters. Everything they want to say about the book can be found in the essays included in the critical edition of the book. Odd, that. Camp B is full of disenters. They don’t like things. In fact, they will flat out say things are bad and not worth looking at. They will rip apart your favorite book. They will point out things that came from application and synthesis of things from beyond that one class to create new ideas. To try and move beyond monotony of being told what a book is about as a way of discussing literature.

Camp A are literature students because they want to be. They will attend class. They will do homework. They will rarely add new information to a field of study.

Camp B spends time outside of class discussing the readings. They get emotionaly ill because of people not wanting to respond to there assesments with anything more than snippy comments and blow offs. They want to understand something about the craft and about what this writing is.

These two camps do not get along. Of course, Camp A will not lash out in any direct, explosive, or highly emotional fashion. That would be “unprofesional” or dare I say it “un-adult”. Emotion belongs in the books, not in your reactions against what someone says about it. Camp B on the other hand gets angry when they are not heard. They are upset when people dismiss ideas without at least throwing out one solid argument. Something in them dies when the best defense that can be presented against there argument is dismisal. Of everyone being right.

This is the difference between people who just expect things to work out and those who expect to fight to become what they want. One group has enough emotional investment that they will be damaged in these confrontations of ideals. This is why our school systems can allow for people to make it through without knowing how to read. They shouldn’t have to work for it, the “American Dream” states that they get to succeed because some portion of them wants to. Because society wants them to. Because their parents want them to. Because the school doesn’t want its graduation percentage to fall. In other places, students fear trying to get into college. It is a privelage, not something that is handed to you.

What is the difference here?

We’re killing opposition. We have made dream reality without any of that middle ground where people are hurt and people die and people fail because they simply didn’t have what it took to make their dream real. Well get this, life isn’t fair. Life is under no obligation to be fair. The universe is under no obligation to see that you succeed. Society owes you nothing. The only person under any obligation to help you is you. So you don’t like me? You don’t like what I have to say? Stand up for you beliefs. I’m not here to shove my beliefs down your throat, but I’m certainly not going to roll over and play dead just because you have decided to be wishy-washy about things. When it becomes a matter of principle, the rules have very little to do with being nice.

“This is too big to be hard-assed about! We have to compromise…”
“No. Not even in the face of armageddon. Never compromise.”
-Alan Moore, Watchmen

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Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: On Dreams
Hell yeah brother preach on, not one thing you said offended me! Not one damn thing! I think I am in group B though. I also will not compromise myself for another person whether they hate me or not, I have lost a lot of friends because of it, but I tell you they were not good friends to begin with and the ones I kept are very trusted induviduals indeed!

So what is better having a bunch of friends i can not trust or few that I can trust? i say the few I can trust, _soma_ a ex friend now because she wants me to comprimise who I am, and that person is an asshole a lot of the times there are moments of sweetness in me but its hard to pull that out, and she has done so before but probably will not again.

i fight for my lot in life, i was born poor and I will probably die poor but that dont stop me from trying to accomplish what many of you fear.

Hittler wrote a book called “Mein Kamph” or my fight I also am fighting to get what i want out of life, screw college I say I can learn by myself just as well i can read because i struggled with it as a young boy I have been teased laughed at still most of the time but I am used to it, but who will be laughing last the day I run that person through in my war?

I do not find Hittler bad at all, in fact what he did to most would be wrong, but if you are a person that says damn mexicans they dont belong here than well calling Hittler a psycho is hypocritical like so many I know, because that is exactely how the germans saw the jews.

That is all I have to say i guess but once again I totally agree with whoever you are.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: On Dreams
You seem to be amazingly naive. First, learn some grammar and punctuation. Then, lay off of the exclamation points or they become utterly meaningless. Next, go read some philosophy. After that, come back, read what you just said and think really hard about what it says about you as a person. Sometimes change and compromise look a lot the same if your eyes are not fully open.

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: On Dreams
Naive huh? I will allow that. Grammar is ever changing, no need to take my time on it, is that all you have is to try to insult my grammar? Mind you I have taken philosophy, ah yes the art of the ever changing questions.

Who am I as a person? I would ask you which philosopher would you like me to refer myself to? There are many types of philosophy telling me to read it and find myself, that is truely naive. I would ask you which person should I read about? Who’s ideals am I supposed to follow? I would say my own, and you would tell me that is naive, right?

Would you prefer me allowing you to define me? I am sorry I could not allow you to do that. If you would give me one word to describe who I am as a person and only one word I would say…. Evil!

As for this country, well it has thermal nuclear weapons so big they are not even allowed to tell you how big the blast can get. So in a sense I am willing to say to hell with that I am not going to mess with the people who have those weapons and just smile and nod when they threaten me with them.

You want to compare how naive each of us are? Tell me how long you would have to live if I took away the world in which you live in? See how long a city thrives when there is no power, sewage, or gas. I know better than you, I can honestly say you will not live for very long.

Tell me in the lands untouched by man, would grammar feed you? I would love to hear that answer.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: On Dreams
All that you can get your hands on and utilizing that knowledge, create an actually well informed world view rather than one based on a very limited world context. See? You make assumptions about me as a person without any actual knowledge about me. Very naive, child.

Also, if you truely define yourself as ‘evil’, then you are obviously a true moron. I’d elaborate, but it is hardly worth the time since you obviously are so stuck in your delusions of grandure that you wont actually read through a coherent statement of facts.

How long would I live were the world to change? As long as I had to. Once again, you are assuming much about me. I’m not entirely certain where you get the idea that grammar is my only piece of knowledge. And why would anyone who actually believes that the world may be half destroyed turn their back on any piece of knowledge that might need preservation?

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: On Dreams
For a guy with an unmitigated desperation for attention from a girl whom he barely knows you sure seem very self-assured about your ability to survive in horrible and only vaguely plausible worlds.

I would say that if you are truly a survivalist and a man of knowledge and gumption you would learn to live in any world and fight your battles on all fronts rather than dismissing the ideas of one world in favor of one where you allegedly would have an advantage.

A truly evil man is not one who causes havoc or chaos or even begins to banter about anarchy… Someone who supposes themselves the villain, the opposition, the antithesis of all that is good should first understand that all evil has to come from somewhere and has to go somewhere… destruction is the result of people arguing with each other over nearly any topic… Truly the most evil of men would be one who misled everyone into doing something that once they arrived at it, they would be forced to off themselves from the shame of knowing that they had done such an act willingly.

For starters.

If at all possible visit your local library and “rent” yourself the book “The Lucifer Principle” by Howard Bloom. It is a detailed treatise on the existance of evil and the useses that evil has in society.

Rodney TGAP
user of words like “shat” and “thrice”