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I recently heard an interesting fact of the english language. That is: you can insult anybody in any way and follow it up immediately with “bless his heart” and it makes it okay.

I tried it out. So far it’s holding up okay. If nothing else, it’s
made for some laughs.

Local elections are coming up here soon. There are at least 6 candidates here but only 3 of note. I call them “Mr. Bean,” “The Backpack Guy,” and “Wormy Guy.”

My vote was for Mr. Bean at first because he tries to look all triumphant and tough even though he’s… well… Mr. Bean. And I figure I can get behind that kind of outlook. But now I’m thinking of voting for Backpack Guy because of the way he stares off into the distance in all his ads. Wormy guy is just a loser, bless his heart.

Had a big Tanksgiving lunch with the missionaries today. I made fake cheezecake. It was all delicious. Then we sat around and chatted while trying not to get sick eating leftovers.

In the midst of all the banners and parties and public rallies and what not, I happened to notice a little box in 7-11 that was labeled “HalfLife 2.”

Isn’t it funny how certain kinds of things just stick out to you?

I think that everybody has things they just automatically want to share
with others. Especially friends and family, obviously. Like I see
certain video games, and I think, “hm. That is a game that I would like to share with my friend _____.”

I have lots of experiences like that here. Lots of things I’d like to share with you.

Of course, I’m so flippin’ scatterbrained I can’t think of any more at this point. But notes follow for certain lucky individuals.

Bless my heart.

-Elder Hamblin

Kayeleen: Can you find out who composed the song “hair, wild cherries, and honeycomb” for me? Also listen to it. It’s one thing I wanted to share with you.

Blaine: So, uh… not that I care… but how is that whole HalfLife 2
thing, anyway? Not that I get distracted by video games. Like the
fella playing diablo 2 right next to me. No, not him. Not the guy playing a level 35 sorceress who can teleport like mad. No. Oh babylon oh babylon we bid the farewell…

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Nickname: squishous
Re: Giving thanks.
Do they still send these to you?

Dearest Elder Hamblin,

You will be happy to know that this is the best season of rain and snow that Cedar City has had in over 5 years. (it could be longer but I didn’t really want to research it, I just asked some old man and he said 5 years. Who am I to argue with my Elders?) Many have been rejoicing over the moisture and giving praise where praise is due. There has been rain and snow, flooding in the valley, just a good time had by all. In all the excitement I moved to St. George! (It seems off topic, but I hate snow. I think snow should be like a tolerable relative and come visit occasionally, but never stay the night).

Every time I read your posts I find myself laughing out loud. The only other author to have that effect is Terry Pratchet. I will find out if he has written anything new in the last little while and compose a list. I won’t give you the list, I will just compose it.

Keep writing, I don’t think you realize how many people visit sixmile just to read your letters. So, keep em coming.


I found a good quote the other day, it is by Bertrand Russell:

“Most people would rather die than think; many do”

Nickname: chamblin
Re: Giving thanks.
Messsage sent.

Many thanks,
Greg’s Mom