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Some of you know part of this story already. For those who don’t, I’ll start at the beginning. Back in April, I started working on mission papers. Everything went fine until I tried to get my immunization records from my National Guard unit. You have to have some shots now before you can turn in papers. It didn’t used to be that way, but they changed the standard before I started working on it. The problem was that someone lost my file. It took them until August to get me what I needed.

Then, I turned the papers in to my bishop. He took them to the stake president. All of a sudden they re-drew all of the student ward boundaries in Cedar City. I ended up in another stake. Start the process all over again. Only this stake president says, “I’m not sending in your papers until you’re an elder, and we’re not going to do that until the next stake conference.” That was in November.

So I waited and the weekend before Thanksgiving I was ordained an elder. The day before Thanksgiving, my section chief calls and tells me our unit has been put on alert. I ask him if I can still turn in my papers. He tells me no, but he’ll ask anyway.

This weekend at drill I got to talk to my battery commander who tells me that I’m going to Iraq with everybody else. He also tells me to look at the experience as something positive and remember how many of the current General Authorities went to WW2 before their missions. I thought about it and he’s right. I’ll come back from this with a stronger testimony, more wisdom, more knowledge, resume-building experience, and a big wad of cash.

The point is that every time I get close, something changes. I know that God has something planned for me. You can look at this as I’ve been getting the shaft, or that God knows it’ll be good for me. Maybe even necessary. Every trial contains a blessing and it’s been my experience that the bigger the trial, the bigger the blessing. For those of you who play FFXI, think of it as I’m being power-leveled. Sure, I have to fight tons of stuff that’s way too hard for me, but there is someone behind me who will protect me, heal me, and if necessary raise me. And I get experience ten times faster than normal. How many of you would turn that down?

Well, that’s the story. You decide if it’s good or bad, triumph or woe.

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Nickname: squishous
Re: Strong am I with the Force…but not that strong.
This is a triumph, brother, a triumph.

it’s been a while, I am glad to hear you are still moving forward with your papers. I am sad that you will be put in harm’s way, but you will remain in our (mine and Mindy’s) prayers.

and remember what you would do if 100,000 Zergling suddenly came over the ridge…


Nickname: Stephanie
Re: Strong am I with the Force…but not that strong.
I shall say a triumph, even though it scares me more than a little.
Come and visit and I will feed you donuts.
And you can tell me when you’re leaving.
I’m moving to NZ in Jan, so visit me before then. During the weekend.
Love you

Nickname: gandhi2
at the risk of sounding blasphemous….
If you ever need 36 WHM, I’ll be there in whatever sense I am able. Seriously, God, Light, Energy(insert conscious creation entity/god(s)/pantheistic universal force here) be with you. I hope you make it through this OK. I have a brother, recently married, who will be home for a year, before finishing off his required active duty time. Hopefully, a year later will be peacetime, and he, you, and all others in the military can spend it in college with their wonderfully earned scholarship money.