Original article posted by Minty:

I’v been home for a few days now and something just dawned on me. Ok it was more like an anvil, and when I say “dawned” I really mean dropped.

Iam homeless.

I have a bed to sleep in every night, and I dont live in my car. (Fuck, I dont even own one…) but what Im getting at is that I have yet to plant roots anywhere. I’m at that pain in the ass stage where I can’t stand living with my family but I still feel as if I should be living with some sort of relation.
Every couple of months I get tired of Cedar and yearn to go back to Vegas, and after I few days I seem to see the error of my ways.

I wonder how many of you villagers have felt something similiar when moving out…

Oh and Rodney how are you? Email me or something,tell me how your doing. Im sorry I ddin;t get a chance to say goodbye,but Merry Christmas and all that superficial yule tide crap.