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So I’m moving to New Zealand now. Well, not now, in 5 days. I just received confirmation of my visa yesterday, so it’s official now. I’m moving to another country, freaky.
I don’t write on here much. I’ve never felt quite at home here, but I do check in from time to time. When I’m out there maybe I will write more, as I will be unemployed for the next couple of months.
If anyone wants to send this to Greg, that would be good. I am bad and haven’t written to him in a while either, which is no good. But maybe I can do that more when I have more time. And hey, maybe postage will be cheaper when I’m closer. Will I be closer? Hmm….need to look at a map.
Anyway, news is out, I’m leaving Utah *YAY* hope you are all well.

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Re: Well I’m leaving now
Hey Steph,

this is Russ! Have fun and be safe. I have always wanted to see the toilets swirl in the wrong direstion. take a picture for me!