Original article posted by Olorle:

Shadows stepped off the wall wearing the faces of their creators. With this new found life, they began where their creators left off. The shadows worked. They loved. They ate. They played. One became bitter and killed another. Seeing death, others began to age. The first shadow, fearing the uncertainty of death, sought escape and delved into dreams, far away from the fear.
Faceless, hazy people dragged across the ground and walls attached at the heel to busy shadows. The first shadow walked through the crowds, once again at ease. All was right with the world until a tap on his shoulder drew his attention. His person grabbed the shadows face, pulled it free, and re-attached it to himself. The shadow slid back into place on the ground. The other shadows turned on him, trying to take away the face, to show that this would not be allowed. As attacks rained down, darkness rose up and claimed him.
Death stood in the darkness, waiting. Desperately, he tried to sleep, to lose Death in dream. Death tsked once, took him by the hand, and pulled him off into the darkness.
Shadows slid back to the walls, again mimicking the actions of their creators. One shadow hung limp, unmoving, trapped in place to be hauled off by the other shadows and buried away from the light, into nothingness.