Original article posted by Greg:

That’s what we in the business call a hook. It’s meant to draw you in
to the article where I can talk about completely unrelated and unfunny
things. It’s like thinking you’re stepping into a tanning bed, then the
door opens and Darth Sidious says something like “Arise and take your
place at my side.” and you sound like James Earl Jones as you say,
“Okie dokie.”

It’s enough to make any of us write a letter to the editor.

Which you should also do. And then post it on here. Because we are
the editors. And we like letters.

I’ve had an interesting time lately thinking about people I know. It’s
not been all fun and games, either. Well, let me be honest – it kept
me up for quite a while last night.

I had planned on writing quite a bit about life and how people ought to
write me, but I figure we’ve got enough ‘need for letters’ just from
Blaine’s postings on the site. Not that it’s bad, just that it might
get old if I started in on it too. And he probably needs it more.

But still, there are some people who have written very little in the way
of either letters or postings to me for whatever reason, perhaps some
strange philosophy on how frienship is supposed to be – and it doesn’t
include anything written down, and it’s not good. There are some
people I care a lot about who I have no idea what’s going on in thier
exclusive lives. And it’s been too long. I make my efforts through the
site. It’s pretty much all I can do. That’s why the site is here.

Well, you decide if you are one of these people who needs to write me
and if so, please remedy.

Today, went to lake.

New missionaries tell me things. Nevermind what. Suffice it to say
that I have gained a burning desire to have a projector in a years time.

The work has picked up the past week or two. We’re seeing some real
miracles in our ‘finding’ efforts lately. Now we look forward to
finding miracles in our ‘teaching’ efforts, and our ‘actually baptizing
people’ efforts.

Here’s hoping you don’t become a robot.

-Elder Hamblin clang clang

Orginal comments:

Nickname: squishous
Isn’t soylent biege a color? like a soiled diaper kind of color? I really want to know the truth, because if it turns out to be a pukey form of green and purple or some shade of slimey pink then I need to call my decorator right now.

Mindy says to tell you hi. and she wishes you all the best. (I think she always liked you better anyway) LOL.

Have I told you that I joined an online gaming clan for Medal of Honor? I doubt I mentioned it, its a bit embarassing how far into geekdom I have fallen. Most of them live in the Netherlands, a few in France and we even have a Canadian. And, they are all facinated that I have a friend in Tiawan serving a mission. Most don’t understand what exactly a mission is, so I told them to check out six mile, and now they have more questions than I can answer. (mostly about Ravenpaine, who I do not know and , therefore, cannot begin to explain) So if you feel like giving a shout out to |RES| then by all mean bellow away. thanks for writng here and for being there.


Nickname: Stephanie
Note: Due to cosmic malfunctions, this is not really Stephanie. It is Mickelle. Although I doubt being one of the friends who would ever have the clout (is that the word I’m looking for? I doubt it.) to keep you up at night, your entry did make me respond. (Well, that and I was chatting with Steph online and could actually get her password from her again.)
All is well in Provo. Just like last time I noted. Scott loves school. He’s going into Civil Engineering. We end up discussing road construction every time we drive up to visit my parents. Ah, the things you do for a spouse. He takes Calculus at 8 in the morning and spends most of the day applying the math to ..civil engineering type stuff. And apparently it’s fascinating. He’s had both of the twins get married within the past 11 months so now all the sibs except his youngest sis (16) is married. It’s fun and makes me feel all sorts of old. I’m really learning to love his family. Sometimes one or two of the girls makes me feel awkward, but I love his mom and dad so dearly. And it is sooooo important to be able to say that when you marry into a family as close-knit as his. I’m planning a visit to spend time scrapbooking with his mom after school gets out in June. Scott has to stay home and work, but oh well. He wouldn’t want to scrapbook anyhow.
We keep talking about bringing a child into the world and then think better of it. Well, not really better of it. (I can’t be as half-kidding in writing ’cause then you’d never know exactly how serious I was. But I don’t really know how serious I am, either.) At any rate, we both agree that babies are good things and we like them but neither of us feel like it’s our time yet. Sometimes I wish it was our time, but usually just because I’m sick of working. Teaching is long hours some days. And you ought to have a child for the right reasons, you know. My mom always said she had me ’cause she was sick of doing the dishes, but I sure foiled that plan. I’m pretty sure having a child so I could stop working would be anti-productive as well.
School is so complex I cannot begin to describe it. Cannot. It sends me through so many emotions — much of which are stress and guilt related — that I don’t even want to go there. But I do enjoy it and class is seldom boring. At least, not to me. But I’m the teacher. I think the kids get bored sometimes. It is, after all, school. However, they know they can get away with more than they should if they make me laugh. I love them. I will miss them. Anything that I REALLY do consumes me, and they are in my conversations — I can’t talk about anything else — and in the way I spend my time and in my dreams (most literally). They are making me a better parent for someday. And that’s what I always wanted.
I don’t really write anymore. Not on OD, anyhow. (Yours is still around, if you were wondering.) And my private journal suffers somewhat as well. I wish I did. It felt like there were so many things to explore and figure out when I was single. Now everything seems either so decided, simple, or obvious — or so private — that it doesn’t merit writing about. I need to change that.
I find marriage continues to be glorious. I am happy and spoiled. You know me — I’m too high-maintenance to not be. But he handles me with ease and regular cheerfulness. I am learning to serve him but I doubt anything I’ll ever do could compare to all the service he has rendered me. I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. I tend to moan and whine too much as God teaches me lessons in his way, but I am taught time and time again that he will not leave me comfortless. Life is good.
Now, there’s a right long letter from me. I hope it gets to you, as I am not leaving it on the most recent of your entries. Let me know if you never see it.