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For english class last night we did listening comprehension. I told them the story of Jack the Giant Killer (I don’t know who it’s by) and then The Juniper Tree by the Brothers Grimm. You can probably look that one up online then imagine my voice reading it. It will be fun.

I told them to write down questions they have while I tell the stories. Nobody wrote down anything. It turns out that everybody was too caught up in the story to think of english. So I guess it wasn’t a good exercise.

Well, to the point of the posting, which is this: Elder Hamblin has a birthday coming up soon. I wouldn’t mention it so outrageously early, except that there may be some misguided souls who are about to shop so that the item or items can be shipped to my location in taiwan by the universally recognized date of Elder Hamblin’s Birth.

To such souls I say, “Stop your misguided ways!” while dressed up in a big blue plastic muscle suit with antennae.

Or I would if I had one.

Any outpourings of love in form other than candy and letters should be safely deposited in a room in a house in kanab, utah. Ask my parents, they know where it is. While pondering my excess of worldly ‘stuff’ I have realized only one thing is lacking and that thing is a projector. For watching movies on walls. All else I desire, including an impressively powerful sound system, already has been granted me. Therefore, gracious friends who desire to give gifts should be directed to either the ‘donate’ button on the left, or to placing a projector directly into the aforementioned room.

Friends in Iraq need not participate unless directed to do so by conscience or angelic interposition.

I mentioned recently that we’ve been having some success in finding people to teach. One such person is Zeke.

Yes. I gave him his english name.

Anyway, Zeke Chan is a great kid with more pride than you could choke something off of The Lord of the Rings series with. We invited him to read and he said he’d think about it. We asked him to pray and he outright refused. Then, when it was clear to all that his reading and praying were his choice, he read and prayed.

After two weeks he’s already finishing up the book of Mosiah. Which is a plus.

I asked him if he thought these things were true. He said he does not and will not believe it until God shows him some evidence.

Which is a minus.

But he’s still progressing, and he’s been coming to church. So we have hope for him. The question is whether or not he will allow himself to say that God may actually know more than him about any given thing.

I suppose that’s the question for everybody.

Say, let’s do a check right now. Does God know better than you how to do the things you do? Do you think he could help you do even better?

Well, just a check.

We’re also teaching a Zhang family right now. This is going on 3 months for them. They’re really amazing and really accepting of ideas. But they haven’t yet been willing to sacrifice.

Check: Are you willing to give up something you like if you felt that God promised you something better eventually?

Well, just another check. But of essentially the same thing.

My apologies go out to two people in particular: Blaine and Kayeleen, both of whom I am indebted to and to whom I promised mail. Mail is forthcoming. Mail is produced in multiweek sessions. additions made weekly in length of about 2 paragraphs. Look forward to decent letters in about 1.5 years.

My congratulations to two sisters in particular: My sisters. Both of whom are awesome. And both of whom are able to watch movies that I can not.

Not that I care about movies.

Or books.

I continue to get along well with Elder Brockman, and hope my overbearing style doesn’t make him feel bad towards me. He’s a really willing and kind person. Really humble and teachable. It’s cool.

Well, I’m out of time, or nearly close enough.

Et sputum ominous,
-Elder Hamblin

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: It’s time to get down to business, folk.
Yes Greg, I’m sure an Angel is going to appear and tell me, “Your friend does not have enough earthly possesions.” If it makes you feel better, I’m buying a laptop. For me.

I forgive you for not writing in a while. I may not forgive you for not writing Kayeleen. She needs your letters more than I do. That’s all I have to say about that.

If you want to know more about my life you must submit a request in writing. It helps if you give lots of details of your own. It might influence the length of what I write to you. Have a good time.