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Entry 81 – April 1, 2005

(Entry 80 was written March 3 but lost in a server repair incident)

I find that having a journal is the only way to call yourself on your own bullshit. And yet, I have, apparently, not been paying attention.

Have you read the stuff I’ve been spouting for over a year now? I’m stuck in a rut talking about how I’m stuck in a rut. Almost 80 posts of hatred and bile and nonsense whining all coming out of me and directed at me. What the hell man? Someone should have just told me to knock it off at some point. Where is that guy? The knock-it-off-Guy? Did he get fired and not replaced? Is that what’s going on around here?

So i’m posting a job opening. Anyone who will just call people on their bullshit so we can all move on. Pay: unlimited, hours: unending, benefits: being hated by everyone. Apply within.

Ah… So that might have something to do with why we cannot fill that possition at the current time. Well, regardless the point of the matter is I’m not going to keep doing that. Anything that I might have needed to say in the field of “this is my problem and woe unto me” has been said, ad naseum, and now I’d like to get on to something else. I have projects that must be hit in the face with a tack hammer, and a lot of spare tack hammers (come to think of it).

I’d like this bold statement of new motives and upward mobility to be longer and more full of pith, but as I have often said, and perhaps have always said appropriatly, I’m low on vitamins. And if I’m low on vitamins then my supply of pith must be completely depleted.

So, until such time as I go to England, or make friends with an unfortunate British female and her family…

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

And for tonight, also,

Livin’ high on caffeine and Jazz.

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Re: Have you read this stuff?
As I recall, you told the knock-it-off-guy to knock-it-off.