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Well, I’ve moved after all. They actually closed our apartment in JiAn, and sent me and Elder Brockman packing. Now I’m in his last area, and he’s in mine. Kinda funny. We’re both jealous of each other, and I’m sure we’ll come out of it saying “You were right, your old area is better.”

I had a hard time with the idea of leaving JiAn. I guess 6 months was all I get. (Although the owners of the “Owl School” English Kindergarten said I can come back and work for them if I want. They said “You don’t even need to interview.” because they like how I tell stories to the kids each week. So I guess it is concievable that I could go back to JiAn someday and teach kids english… But not likely.) And I found myself wondering if I had done any good there. After all, I saw no baptisms, reactivated 0 inactive members, and can’t remember initiating any groundbreaking acts of service.

So I was a bit upset for a day or two. But then Sunday meetings came and I started to get happier. We’ve been struggling getting people to come to church the whole time I’ve been here. At most we have about 1 or 2 investigators a week. But this Sunday we had 11 people come! And as I looked around, I realized that 9 of them were either orignally contacted or taught by me.

So that made me happier.

And then I packed up and took pictures with a lot of people, a few of whom had deeper feelings for me than I ever realized.

When president called on friday night I was really nervous. I knew he was either going to give me a new calling or release me from DL. Well, he released me from that calling, which I find is a relief now. And he told me where he would be moving me. Which was funny because I had actually predicted that I would be in this ward someday. Anyway, he said that he doesn’t often get strong impressions about where to place people – usually it’s just put the missionaries where they are needed based on who is leaving and who is coming. But he said that he had a strong impression that I need to be here.

So now I’m in a place called SheZi. It’s a little strip of city (back in Taipei) by the area of the city with the highest amounts of foriegners. It’s actually part of Taipei City, which is a first for me, since Tucheng and Banqiao are both in Taipei County.

My new companion is named Elder Collette. He’s from Calgary, Canada. His Chinese name is the character for “Happy.” And he is pretty optimistic.

But he seemed a little too happy when he found out the Pope died.

I suspect foul play.

I was on Taiwanese TV and newspaper for the second time in my life last week (this makes the 3rd time total in international newspapers, and 4 if you count the one about “Unnamed masked crusader foils kidnapping, parents grateful, Recieves knighting, honorary doctorate”) this time I was holding up a sign that said “Free Car Wash”

It was a slow news day, I think.

At this time I ask for your prayers on my behalf, that elder Collette and I will get along, and that we’ll be able to baptize a lot of worthy converts here in SheZi. (pronounced Shud-zuh)

Or maybe it’s that the idea of washing somebody else’s car for free is so foreign that people thought it was funny.

I don’t know.

I recently had thoughts about ruins, communism, consecration, and selfishness. Now those thoughts are gone. Or maybe I’m not in the mood to write about it any more. So, I leave you with the following to think about:

Ted Neugent.

Flow of something,

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Greg: Some things make me flip out.
Wait a minute! The pope died? Wow, I need to get out more if I find out stuff like this from you. You don’t even get to watch TV. And you’re in Taiwan.