Original article posted by Greg:

The work continues to go well, but not as well as I would like. But I suppose that’s kinda human nature. I wish I was getting more and better results for the amount of work I do. When really I just need to amp it up a bit.

Hard work is something I’m not yet well known for. But I think I’m improving, and that’s important.

I remain in JiAn for another week at least. Then we’ll see. It’s been 6 months since I got here, and I find I still like it pretty well. I don’t think I’ll be moving, but you never know.

I can see a group of 4 young chaps playing bomberman online off to my left there. It’s disturbing how much time they must have put in to get that good. And then I think, “You know, I’m pretty good at the ‘craft.” And then I tug on my collar nervously.

My thanks to those who have written letters and sent pictures. Those who have done both amount to the following: Parental Units, Blaine, Ben, Luke. I therefore suggest the following people send pictures with letters: Kayeleen, Rodney, Jared, Russ, Stephanie, Rodney, Spencer and Sara, Ryan, Ghandi, Rodney, Eric, Tom (pictures of Lionel Richie don’t count, Tom. Sorry.), Rachel, and anybody who I have neglected to mention who might also know me and read the site, but isn’t sure I want to hear from you. Yes, I mean you.

If you find yourself on the list, I believe you know what to do.

I find myself out of time. My love and appreciation to you all.

-Elder Hamblin