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Yesterday I told him that he’s just got to talk to me or else I have no way of knowing how I’m bugging him. I don’t think he liked the idea ,but he said he would. So we’ll see.

Other good news is that I’m feeling better about my state of being than I have in a while. Meaning I feel like I’m doing what Heavenly Father would have me do, and in the way he would have me do it. Which is good. And I’m learning about my own kindness and pride.

The opposite of critical is kind. The opposite of pride is humility.
I was thinking about it, and I feel that there was a time where I felt pretty kind and pretty humble. But I don’t really feel so now. So I’ve been working on those things lately. I recognize that I’m a pretty critical person, and I shouldn’t be.

I think the critical person helps nobody but the person who is already humble enough to accept criticism well. And that person doesn’t really need it.

I originally thought that my purpose in coming to SheZi was to help somebody else. But now I’m starting to suspect it was mainly for me. I don’t know. I will probably be here for a while, so maybe it will be both if I can get myself fixed up quickly.

This is a pretty disjointed letter.

Have you ever had a spiritual experience through an unexpected medium?

For instance, I occasionally have a random song enter my head and cause me to have really powerful emotions – like far exceeding emotions that that particular song may have given me before.

Been thinking a lot about sensitivity, too.

There was a while where I was feeling really insensitive. Insensitive to the spirit, insensitive to the feelings of others, and out-of-touch with my own emotions. I tried to pin down what was causing it, and I think that a great deal was caused by lack of focus and pride.

But that got me thinking about other things that might cause a person to lose sensitivity – that ability to be overwhelmed by the beauty of life.

I think that we tend to overstimulate ourselves. I think of Alcohol, drugs, stimulants, loud music, outrageous movies, pornography, illicit sexual activities, criminal behavior, and many other things that we would call sins. Then I think about a person indulging in that kind of behavior trying to find pleasure and fulfillment in a starry night, a simple melody, the wind in the leaves, night time walks, holding hands, snowfall, mountain air, time alone, prayer, scripture study, meditation.

Have you ever had a spiritual experience through an unexpected medium?
Maybe the wind? Maybe sunlight?

And I decided it’s much nicer to just feel good all the time, with bursts of extra happiness coming from things that wont drag me down afterwards.

Today I get to go to the temple for the first time in 7 months. I am excited and happy.

I feel really lucky to be a part of this work. Mostly because it seems
that the majority of the work is self improvement. And I think I’m improving.

I see many miracles over here. Thank you for letters, which sometimes are like miracles to me.

I look forward to the time when I can go out to dinner with you and talk about nothing at all.

-Elder Hamblin

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