Original article posted by Greg:

We tracted into a lady and her 93 year old mother the other night. They let us in and we sat on the couch just in time to see the trailer for the newest star wars movie.

This would be one of those things.

I tried to avoid thinking about pits of lava, x-wings, storm troopers, a light saber wielding palpatine, and other things that I admit a liking of in my former years.

And yet, I gave in to the darkside of missionary work and watched television for a delicious 30 seconds.

Something I saw and heard recently.

My companion loves to talk to the old people. (so do I) Most of them only speak the taiwanese language, and no chinese, so all we can say is hello. So yesterday my companion said ‘ama! li ho!’ to an old lady. She came up to him, carefully read his nametag, then looked up at him and said “Mr. Collette, don’t speak chinese to me. I don’t understand a bit of it.”

Turns out she’s a 83 year old phillipino lady. She was living with another philipino lady who dissapeared a few days ago and hasn’t come back. Now she doesn’t really know what to do. Over 40 years ago she was a jazz singer on the american military base in taiwan. she said, “There was the C.O.’s and the Officers Club. We belonged to the Officers Club. Only the officers could listen to soul music.” Then she sang for us about love. Then she said, “One time a colonel pulled me into his office and said ‘lina, are there any black officers?’ ‘I don’t know, why don’t you ask General Collin?’ He was a black general, you see. Do you have a girlfriend?” My companion said “no.” I said “yes.” “Is she chinese?” she asked. “No she’s american.” Then she said that was good and that I should not date chinese girls.

Then she sang again and gave us advice on women. Then she told us about how she felt when her husband cheated on her. Then she talked about her own attitude towards having affairs. Then she sang again, then told us that she used to belong to the officers club. Her husband played the saxophone. Then “Don’t date the chinese girls. You can sleep around if you want, but don’t marry one.” Then “There was the C.O.’s and the Officers Club. We belonged to the officers club.”

Supposed to be the chosen one,
Darth Hamblin