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I think I just mixed star wars and the tick and ended up with a big blue cosmic milkshake of love. Score! Now I just need to get batman thrown in somehow and I’ll be in great shape. Maybe I should have said “Only a path of evil, you cowardly and superstisious lot of naughty spawn!” Or is that overdoing it a bit?

We recently had ‘two fall out of week two.’ which is another way of saying that two of our friends who wanted to get baptized next week were impeded in their plans in some way, forcing them to back out of the baptismal goal. One has a father who allows his son to come to church, but forbids baptism, and one is an amazing man who just wont give up one bad habit. So that was a bit depressing for us. But we continue to work with them and pray for them. We also have other people who are doing well in their individual progression.

I have found a human skull for sale for 130 dollars american.

But I bet I could get it cheaper on Ebay. And so I bide my time.

Back to my original rant. I mean, thought.

I wish to begin by shouting incomprehensibly and slamming the pulpit a bit with my left shoe.

I get ticked off at stuff. Not as ticked off as some people I know. There used to be a deal. My friend would get pissed off, and I would let him tell me about it. Now the deal is off for a time. So I have to get dissapointed in the mistaken concepts of mankind (in a dignified way) all on my own. So I am.

I’m mad at those who deny greatness. I am mad at those who talk about a ‘path’ or a ‘tao’ as neither a good thing or a bad thing. I am mad a those who turn excellence into mediocrity by saying there is no “Needs Improvement” on the scorecard. I hate the pushers of medium. I am fed up with good enough, and I don’t want to see shades of beige ever again. I disagree with decaffienated sin and righteousness in title form.

One of the central doctrines I go around and hand to anybody with open hands and mind is that we came to earth as spirits to get bodies – and the bodies let us act. We are creatures (whether of sin or of celestial descent or of natural selection isn’t important to this rant) of action. We can not help but to act, even if that act is to sit in front of the television for 40 percent of our collective or individual lives.

Having acted we can, of ourselves or of outside standards, apply lines to life. To draw a grid on it and say “A4 to G17 are all the evil squares. If you put your battleship there, it is now an evil battleship.” I don’t care if you believe our standards aren’t from a loving omniscient God. Where they come from is unimportant. We simply need more people to say “This is superb. And this is spittle.” and then argue and agree with each other until a like-minded community is formed, which community can then be properly oppressed by the man.

Question: Do I take the teeth out of my rant by adding in the little jokes at the end? If you have an opinion, that is your standard. Express your standard. Either my rant is excellent or it is stupid and smells funny. It is not just mushings of the keyboard by a sunburned monkey who thinks too much of himself and his own opinion which doesn’t matter. It has value. Maybe it’s a negative value. Maybe its only impact on the world is to add to the collective stupid of the culture of mankind. Maybe it’s positive. But it does count for something.

I am walking a path different from anybody else. But the point is that it’s either a rockin’ path or it’s a skanky metallica remix path. It’s not just a path.

Great Scotts,
-Elder Hamblin

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Nickname: Cornelius
Re: If there is no good or evil there are no heros.
I could get you one for much less. It used to be $50, but since I’m rich, I work Pro Bono for good friends. Also, one Nate Hancock told me once that “Good enough never is. Only your best will do.” I think that both you and I are beginning to understand what “Many are called, but few are chosen” really means. I’m proud of you for both having standards and standing by them. I believe this is also known as being valiant in your testimony. As for your question about the jokes in the rants, I have this to say: There is a time to be funny and a time to raise the hair and flesh on the backs of mens’ necks. A time to say, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” in a booming, echoing voice and plant your feet and staff firmly on the narrow space of ground between Good and Evil. When you know what time it is, you will know what is appropriate to say.

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: If there is no good or evil there are no heros.
Also, you are not required to entertain when you post. You ARE required to speak your mind.