Original article posted by Cornelius:

We went there to do training of all kinds. Some of the Army’s favorite training is called “misery training”. This is where you live or work in the most barren, depressing, difficult conditions the Army can find. It gets you used to not having things that we are used to. I consider it useful for if I get called to serve in a third world country. I also got a good idea of what it is like to have an annoying senior companion. And an annoying junior companion. I don’t believe in annoying Mission Presidents, but if there was one, I’d be trained to deal with him.

We did non-misery training too. That was fun. We did a lot of the stuff that we had trained on in Mississippi. Apparently that whole experience was useful because we got high compliments on how good we were at doing what we were supposed to, instead of acting like idiots. The real infantry units got their bases overran during the night. I guess that’s why we’re going to be guarding the real FOB in Iraq.

I’d say I survived the experience fairly well. I did get a little desperate for some fun though. There were a few times where I needed to let go a little. I snuck up on a few people while they weren’t looking and did my Gollum impression. No one in my unit has ever seen the fun-loving, playful side of me, so I guess it freaked a few of them out. They thought I was loosing it. I probably was.

I also started screaming…for ice cream. The Baskin Robins on post was closed, so I went to the commisary and bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and an ice cream scoop (they didn’t have spoons) and wandered around post eating it. Mmmmm…Cherie Garcia…

That’s about it for Fort Irwin. Watch Dune sometime. I didn’t see any worms, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. Now I’m on leave for a few days. And I’m having a great time. Too bad I don’t have much time. I don’t have an address yet, but when I get it I’ll post it. The internet is probably going to be the best way to get to me though. The mail takes two weeks each way in Iraq, and everyone has the internet. Just post comments here and I’ll look at them. Or, if you like, e-mail me at andersonblaine@hotmail.com. It really helps to hear from people.