Original article posted by Greg:

Comp and I spent most of today looking for gifts for his family for when he goes home in 2 weeks. He’s doing pretty well at keeping focused. Probably a happy/scary feeling all at the same time. Elder minson says it’s proabably like the feelings women have just before child birth.

I don’t know what to think about that. And have nothing to say about it.

I’m told that 3 of the Mormon tabernacle Choir cds are now on the billboard top 5 (classical). I don’t know why I mention it except that it was the last thing I read before leaving the apartment today.

Other items of news: Saw a kid get baptized with a swimming face-mask on last week. He has a fear of water. We convinced him the snorkel was a bad idea, but he brought it anyway, just in case.

I intended to write a great deal about hope today. Like how we all need hope, how we can find it, and how we can always have it. But then I realized I can’t really think of much to say about it. Except that I hope you always have it.

It’s hard to hope when you don’t know what to hope for. And it’s hard to know what to hope for when you don’t trust anybody. I remember a time in my life where I didn’t believe anybody was really happy – that everybody who said “I’m happy” was lying. My reasoning was simply that I was unhappy. I couldn’t understand how anybody could have happiness when my life was so bad. So I understand how it’s hard to believe or have hope in something you haven’t experienced. Or have forgotten through long disuse.

I hope you are happy every day. And I know you can be.

I guess that will do for hope today. In the days when loud rock music and headphones will be re-available to me, more ranting will be had on multiple topics for greater lengths of time.

I thought also, recently, about the difference between teaching and telling. And preaching and testifying. I thought of it because of rock stars.

A rock star gains popularity because he or she says “My life sucks” over and over again to music. Then people say “Hey, that’s me. I can relate. I grok your mouth music.” So they buy the album. Then the now popular rock star thinks, “Wow, I’m popular. I must be right.” so he or she starts preaching, telling people what to think. And usually loses popularity over time, or never reaches that same level again. That’s why sugar ray stays popular. He never tells anybody what to do. He just sings the same song over and over again.

Also he’s got rockin’ beat.

So when we, the few but loyal devotees of SMV, rant – we are dooming ourselves to lack of popularity except with those who share our perspective exactly. Which would be boring, except that people exactly like us rock. And rock hard.

But I think there must be a way to share opinion in a way that causes openness of mind. I wonder what it is.

Purple Toupee,
-Elder Hamblin