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So I remain in Zhong Li. My new companion is Elder Blake. I have known of Elder Blake for a while, but never worked with him. He’s the kind of guy who has a mp3 player and digital camera on him at all times, even on the mission. I’m sure we’ll get along fine. If not, I’ll just have to beat him with frozen sarcastic french heads.

I find myself somewhat excited to go back to being senior companion slash district leader, but also with that sense of freedom comes that feeling of responsibility and some stress. I have not worked as well as I should have, particularly in my chinese abilities. So I’ve slipped some in the past month. Also the area is incredibly confusing.

I did learn quite a bit during the last transfer. Elder Gaillard was a great missionary. He also had an amazing testimony that he just loved to share with everybody. He got baptized 4 years ago and immediately wanted to share his experiences with everybody. I hope that I am equally willing to share what I like the most about my life.

The water is turned off again, since another typhoon blew through. But they say it should be back to normal in just a day or two. No problem.

We got taken out to eat about 10 times in the past week. It was because elder Gaillard was leaving and all of the members just love him. So I got to partake of the goodness. mmmm.

I came with no idea of what to write about, so this is all you get. Another random update of my life.

My love to all, my scorn to some, shiny puppies to 3.

-Elder Hamblin

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Re: A boring Elder Hamblin, thinking of excite bike.
i think of Elder Hamblin with whiticism and brownies. but oft enough my whit is not accepted. the brownies however… this is just another missionary… Im in Pittsburgh, just chugging along.