Original article posted by Greg:

Yesterday morning started off normal, except I lifted up a weight 3 times. On purpose. At about 8 am we got a buzz on the door. It was our landlord. He wanted us to help him move something. We said we could pop on down and help him at about 9. Which we did. He pointed to the pile of boxes on top of cabinetry and said “That all needs to go to the fifth floor.” So we did that. Lots of stair climbing. Then a cabinet needed moving. Then a refridgerator. Then several cabinets needed to be lifted on to other cabinets and a third set of cabinets moved into the place of the second.

By this time we had to leave in order to prepare for the day and make it to our appointment on time. Which we did, but he asked us to come back and move just ‘one more thing.’

The morning appointment stood us up, which was okay cause we hadn’t had any study time in the morning on account of moving stuff. So we made a few calls, then studied. The sisters showed up after a while and mentioned that there is in fact mail for everybody, but they left it at home.

Then we were off to the rural part of the area – off on the west coast. It was a 45 minute bus ride, on which I didn’t get sick, but as soon as I stepped off the bus I did. Then we found the 2 bikes we had stashed in that area, but found that one had a flat. Went to get it fixed while I tried to fight off heat stroke in the blazing tropical sunlight.

Then off to visit less active members on the coast. We had 5 we meant to visit, and we found all 5 of them at home on a weekday afternoon. It was amazing. During the process, which took the rest of the day and night…

We found the most inactive of them pulling into his garage right as we pulled up . He was very nice to us once he realized he was caught.

Then, on the hour ride to the next part of the coast, I heard something flicked up into my gears, get ground around a bit, then kicked up and lodged between the tire and rain guard. The tire started hissing in rhythym. psss psss psss psss pss psss psss. We stopped and watched the tire go flat. We were then 7 kilometers away from our destination. The exact 1/2 way mark between towns.

Luckily a passing motorist was nice enough to pick us up, and our bikes, and deliver us to the next member’s home on a pig farm.

I sat in the back fanning myself with a brown envelope I had bought for mailing things to a girl. It was hot. I was tired.

Then we got to look around the pig farm and chat with the boss, who is a longtime member. It was cool. He showed us what he fed them – it was hundreds of bags of cookies. All the broken or ugly cookies from the cookie factory get put into big bags and sold in bulk for really cheap.

“These ones are great!” He said, pulling out a cookie half and eating it. “Here! Try one!” he gestured to the open bag.

I’ve eaten bulk cookie rejects before, but they hadn’t been purchased by a pig farmer for the purpose of feeding pigs. Because anything purchased by pig farmers for pigs to eat is officially pig food.

I saw that the bag said that this pig food expires in 2006.

I have now eaten pig food.

They fixed my bike for me and fed us dinner. Mostly sea food. Also some pork. It was all good. Then we left.

It was at this point I noticed my wallet was missing. But nothing I could do about it. It probably ended up in the truck of the guy who gave us the ride. I hope to get it back someday.

On the ride back to the bike storage area, we rode with our heads down because if you looked up you got eyes, nose, and mouth full of bugs. I heard them ticking off my helmet like raindrops.

A few miles later a bat crashed into my helmet.

Then just as we arrived at the area, my bike developed a wobble and I heard it go *PING!* a couple of times. But nothing happened more than that.

Then it was off with a member of the bishopric to do a visit, and he bought me a snickers.

All in all a fun day.

I love you all, especially the short ones.
-Elder Hamblin