Original article posted by Greg:

I don’t know why I mention it, except that I thought it was interesting. And fat. And I started singing the song “Breakaway” by Big Pig.

People have been telling me for the last little while (like years) that I’m too hard on myself. It’s starting to sink in a little. So now I’ve started being too hard on myself for being too hard on myself. That should clear up this problem in no time.

Seriously, though, if there’s any advice on the subject of being too hard on myself, you could advise me. Or just shush.

The plan for today, presented by my companion, is once again to wander about the large market part of town and look into every electronic store. But pretty much just look, since his money is gone.

I don’t mind, but I get bored of seeing essentially the same store over and over again. Oh well. We did see something pretty cool last time. It was a desktop that was playing video as the background. So there were icons and windows open over the top of this full screen video background. It was neat. But perhaps only to a nerd like myself.

The terrorists were here, but nobody was impressed. We got of a train from Taipei and were headed towards our companions when, over by the line of waiting taxis that perpetually exists by mass transit, there was a flash and a boom. It was way loud, but I didn’t feel any force. Of course, it was 100 yards away or so. Some alarms went off, and a guy checked his car for damage. Rather than fleeing in terror, the Taiwanese people just went about doing whatever it is that they do. And a small crowd gathered around the spot where the explosion had happened. Then they walked away uninterested. My companion remains convinced it was a homemade bomb. I remain convinced it was just a big fat firecracker.

This is what happens when you live in a country where fireworks are seen as a great blessing. Us crackers thought it was pretty intense, but nobody else seemed to.

I bet the big fat pig was also unimpressed.

We played a game of duck duck goose with some kids the other day. They had never played it before they met the missionaries. The youngest walked around the circle, touching each persons head “duck… duck… duck… duch (he speaks german)… duck… ” then he stopped before touching a girl, backed up about 20 feet, then ran forward screaming. “WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhH! GOOSE!” then slapped her on the head, and continued his sprint around the circle. She only had time to stand up before he was back to the safe spot.

The next time it was his turn he did the same thing, but we had him pretty well figured out by then and the targeted person would start getting up before getting tagged.

Kids are funny. But not as funny as pigs with cute little atrophe’d legs.

I leave you with this thought:
If I can see what you’re saying, And you can hear what I’m seeing, what the crap is that blue thing?

Soon to put evil plans into fizzy action,