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I tend to rant a lot I suppose…at least at anyone who’ll listen…If I were a mathematician…ha ha…I could calculate the statistical probability of the increasing number of rants versus the decreasing number of listeners…and therefore time of death…or some such. I have one friend who perpetually interrupts my rants, which would normally anooy me, however, since those are the moments in which she drops little pearls of wisdom ( that and she still lets me rant) I allow it. So when she asked me why it was that I always draw the shortest sticks…I was speachless which of course made her laugh, but that’s a different rant. I wondered, family-short stick, relationships -shorter stick, health-short stcik. And of course smaller details, like my lemon of a car, barely functioning computer and so forth. Of course this only lead to me ranting about drawing the short stick…and as to the why of it…bad karma or something.