Original article posted by Greg:

The taiwanese people deal well with hurricanes/typhoons. They just build everything out of cement. Then they don’t have to care. I feel bad for the people in new orleans. I hear that was a pretty unexpected thing of whatever it was. Over here the big scary is earthquakes. Cement doesn’t bend well, so little vibrations cause cracks. Larger vibrations cause structural failure.

Lack of money causes mental failure. Larger financial loss causes pride failure.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but earthquakes are really great at humbling a person when he or she lives in a cement home. We had a couple little shakers in the past. Every time it seems kinda fun for a second, till you realize that many tons of concrete and steel are between you and the clouds. Then, if it shakes enough to move things on the shelves, you get really really nervous. All pride leaves the room and you realize that it’s down to you and any omnipotent beings in the vicinity. And you remember that you are only semipotent. Fate laughs as you look at your hand and realize you’ve been bluffing the ENTIRE GAME.

But then it stops and you’re just back to regular old gale force winds. No problem. Pride returns, and you think, “Yeah, can’t scare me that easily.”

Well, I’m out of time. My apologies to Blaine, who will not recieve an email this week because of time constraints. My apologies to Rodney, who I would like to write to, but whose email and physical address I am missing. Please notify.

Trust the man with the chainsaw for the hand,
-Elder Hamblin