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In unrelated news, while walking through a market the other day, there was a TV set up outside of a Playstation store facing the busy street. It was showing something I’m told is called “Advent Children.” And while it wasn’t really comparable to “Spirits Within” in graphic detail, it was still enough to make my eyes bleed during the couple of seconds I saw it.

That was gross.

Now my companion wants to contact around the Playstation store a lot more. And while there was a large group of people just standing there, staring, jaws agape, I don’t imagine much missionary work would happen if we went back to that particular street.

I have been blessed a lot this past week. I suggest one reason why is that I’ve started letting myself be overwhelmed by gratitude lately. Especially in prayer. You should try it.

In taiwan, they party hard. For instance, last night there was a holidy on which everybody barbeques. So they shut down a couple of streets and put up a stage and everybody came to barbeque. (this is right behind our house, conveniently.) And on the stage? Why a Karioke machine, of course. Nothing says party more than old chinese women singing traditional taiwanese tunes to a synthesized beat.

Don’t worry, I got it on tape.

Not much news to report, other than that.

Withering Sarcasm.