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Hello village people! Not the ones with the strange costumes, but the ones who are like myself and write far too rarely.
I’m doing well! I’ve been living down under for 8 months now, and we’re finally starting to come back into the warm season. It has been so cold for so long that I forgot what it’s like to wear sandals. I’m looking forward to walking barefoot on the beach again.
I love the beaches here. It’s so cool to look out across and to think that somewhere across all that water is where I came from.
So I’ve been working for the past 5 months. I’m the office manager of a picture framing company, which is actually far more fun than it sounds. I’m constantly creating new things, and I own far too many frames now. It’s an excellent job, and they value me so highly there, it’s a great feeling.
Alister and I are doing well, in fact, we’re moving into our own flat in a week! We’ve been in a large house with 2 room mates since I arrived, and the time has come to be on our own. We were lucky enough to get a flat that is everything we were looking for and more! We’ve just spent far too much money on house things, a fridge, a washer, and a king size bed! But it will be so worth it. And they’ll even let us have a cat.
Very exciting, for me anyway. Otherwise, life is pretty quiet. But I’m happy with that, I’ve always been a quiet person.
The only real problem is that I continue to have a problem finding new friends. I have lots of nice people at work that I love talking to…at work. They are all too old or too young to be friends (we’re talking 45-60 or 16, no in between). The society here is such a drinking society, that I can’t go out to make friends without them pressing drinks on me. I made the decision to not drink, and I prefer to not be put in a situation where I feel obligated to.
And of course, I miss my family. I did come back to California last month to visit. The two weeks went by too fast of course, but it was great to see everyone. Especially my little brother and sister and my 2 nieces. They’re all getting so big it’s nuts. My 15 year old brother is like 3 inches taller than me! And I’m a tall girl.
Ahh well, it’s to be expected.
The unexpected came in the form of my dad walking out on my mom, to move to Idaho to live with his girlfriend. A week later and I’m still in shock. I’m not speaking to him, I’m utterly ashamed of him, and I’m sad that I know there is so much of him in me. That’s just low, to ditch your wife, your kids…just cause *shock* you’re turning 50 next year and you can’t handle the fact that you’re not a 17 year old high school football star anymore. The bastard.
Hmm. I meant this to be a cheerful entry…
In any case, I block out the bad and relish the good. I’m so excited about moving, spring is here and is just beautiful. I love my job, I love my boy, and things are good in my world.
Hope someone who reads this smiles and remembers me.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Just when you thought you were rid of me!
I remember you, you wierdo! I’ll bet you thought you were rid of me. Well, you’re not! Bwaahahaha!!!! I’m glad that you love life, but I’m sad that stupid people are doing stupid things to you and yours. Me, I’m having a blast. Quite literally. I work next to the guns and they fire all the time! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! It’s great. But I am lonely. There’s not the ladies over here like there used to be. Not that I was ever much of a player, (or really one at all) but its nice to hear a lady’s voice and I haven’t in a long time. Also, I miss those times by the fake fire late at night…Oh well. Its good training. There will be a bigger, more comprehensive entry soon. And then…Something. I don’t know what, but something! Yeah! Talk to you later.

Your whatever,