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i just want to talk I guess to someone who will listen which is probably no one in here cause you are all biased, of course if you were to meet any of my friends they would hate most of you too, so i guess we are even!

As i said before I have lost a friend, however i am not taking all the blame, but I am going to take most of it! To me lets be friends is the same as i cant come to rejecting you to your face! Which is how our friendship started out in the first place, which was not going on much, we did stop talking for about 5 or so years than we talked off and on when I was doing my work for the Magi which i am very proud of, lets see any of you bring about religious conditions for there own religion which is mine I make the laws I make the gods (which are actualy devils in guise).

Than she tells me that if I dont go to school i am not succesfull (by the way I was a college student at one time) I figure why pay 300 dollars a class to be “Certified’ come on all of you who do attend know how jacked you are its a big rip off! I can go to the library and just rent a book read it and bring it back and not pay a dime unless of course i dont take it back in time.

I ask you really who is smarter? Hmmm? I know better, and a lot of you would probably argue that saying that is how our societey works, I see you people quoting ancient texts, I can get the same answers you have gotten, only difference I have to work a lot harder cause I dont have help!

I have my own quotes that I made, i should send in the Legend of Tyr (a god, my god born from a tree).

I get told i am crazy all the time, I am used to it, but I dont like being told i am crazy by the person who is supposed to be there for me, she never is there for me, and I dont expect us to have a loving lasting relationship, and by the way every psychiatrist i have talked to can not discern I am crazy, beyond the norm yes but not crazy, I have a sense of reality, even the Magi is a sense of reality it is laws that govern me, who cares that I made those laws they still govern my small society.

Oh yeah and my favorite thing she tells me that really pisses me off is when she says i need to find myself, that is a hoot right there, I need to find myself? I beg to differ i have found myself, it is her that needs to find herself not me. I spent at least two years alone to find who I am, no one defining me I had to define myself so for two years no girlfriend or friends to define who i was even though they do define who i am, but i needed to see who I was without the protection of other people, that meant that my friends would not be there to back me up, if I got myself in a situation to get beat up and I was going to lose no one there to help me win I had to do it myself.

My friends today help me see my successes not failures, after all that is what they are for right, and I support them, and when something smells fishy I advise them to tread cautiously.

See This Ryan kid, not man kid, she just dragged him in for the kill, all she did was make his life harder, i suppose he has to protect her which does not pan well for him at all, because in defining myself I learned what i am capable of and what i am not, those who know me know when to back off of me I am capable of terrible things, kellers has not even seen those terrible things, and only one of my friends have, of course he has i grew up with him, he has seen it, I have done worse to jester than i have kellers believe me that is nothing and we are still friends cause we faced up to it and talked about it.

I Kellers were to read this, I would tell her one thing maybe two, i would tell her to define herself she may be surprised what she finds inside of her, and I would tell her not to be ashamed of that but be proud, tell all the guys to piss off she needs to find herself without me without anyone just her what is inside, no influence of parents or anybody for that matter and people might not like what she is inside but screw them I say!

than the second thing I would tell her not to go to school up this way, not because of me, but because the schools here blow ass, I would tell her to go east to go to school this place is full of biased mormans, might I note dead hunted mormans if this government that protects those rights disbands, dont give in to anarchy is great it is not what it seems and can not exhist because of idealists like me.

I think that is all for you guys, I think next time i will submitt the Legend of Tyr you might enjoy it maybe not as a beliefe but story.

Kellers good luck to you my hatefull ways will continue, but I hope you have a better life than I did.

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Re: Aside the hatred Within.
I suggest that you go back to high school. It doesn’t cost much at all and you didn’t seem to get much out of it the first time.