Original article posted by Greg:

And mangoes. Sweet, juicy mangoes. mmmm.

The work is going good as far as I can tell, and the struggle against
‘being too hard on yourself’ progresses. Recently, however, the
non-individual aspects of the missionary calling have gone downhill.
For instance, the district is distracted, and companions have
contention. I tried to talk to the trepid troublemakers, but
distraction destroyed my dilligent doings.

But I think the problems we face are minor, and rather than keeping us
from doing the work well, just keep us from being the best.

I have recieved a few packages and letters in the past month which
indicate a pretty okayness over there in the real world. Please find
time to write more, because writing makes me happy.

We had a typhoon blow through last sunday. They cancelled church
meetings and told us to all stay inside for the duration. The area
presidency was worried because this was a category 4 – just like

I may have mentioned before about the taiwanese and cement.

Well, it was boring for us, and at about 2 in the afternoon, we got
permission to go out. It wasn’t even windy. I guess it must have
evaporated instead of hitting. So we missed general conference.
But they’ll probably reschedule for another weekend in the future.

Our proselyting numbers were really low last week. My ZL knew I would
be really hard on myself about it, and I was. He said to not worry
about it, but I still do. So we made some new goals and resolutions. I
hope that things will pick up again.

Nothing else new to report.

All is quiet on the far eastern front,
-G.H. 10 Star General, 42nd class, with sprinkles