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A fellow student asked me the other day why I was majoring in English for pre-law. She suggested that all of my writing would be done for me by a secretary, and I, therefore, would barely need to be able to write at all.

Well first of all, I don’t even think it’s true that I wouldn’t be writing, especially in military law, which is where I am heading. I would most likely do the really important writing myself, and I would also proofread things that I delegate out, a fact which would necessitate being able to write. But also, English majors don’t merely write-write-write. We also have to be strong readers and be able to analyze and interpret a text. This translates well into law because a large part of the Law School Admissions Test is reading comprehension. After the LSAT and law school, a lawyer must be able to read a brief and be able to see the most important parts, dissecting the text for any flaws or ambiguities. Lawyers must also be able to look at their own writing and to see the “trouble spots.” Putting my own conjectures aside, everybody I’ve ever asked has said that the majors that help most for LSAT/Law School preparation are those where the student has to do large amounts of reading and writing. Therefore, the best majors for pre-law would be English, History, Philosophy *gasp*, or Political Science.

This brings to mind another point, that many people think that Political Science is pre-law. I suppose that because many lawyers move over into politics in the end, this would not be an unreasonable assumption. There are different ways to do pre-law, however. If somebody were to ask me, “Is it necessary for me to do political science for pre-law?” I would respond with another, related question, “Is it necessary for you to drink your own urine?” Really, it’s all a matter of taste. Personally, I find that urine has too many objectionable components, such as human waste, and I think that people who participate in activities like drinking urine are at least a little crazy. I object to Political Science as a major for the same reasons. I don’t really care for philosophy either, but I do admire the ability to spin a meaningless web of nonsense from a pile of nothing and to have everybody think I said something important. I can’t be too hard on them because after all, English literature is a type of philosophy.

The point is I am an English major because I enjoy it, in addition to it translating well into law. Much of English study is interpretation, much like how lawyers and judges have to interpret the law. The principle is the same, but we use different books, books which become much less exciting. I think that English will be a fine precursor to law school. Now that I have given the girl’s question, “Why do English for pre-law,” some thought, I don’t think I was too far off base when I responded, “Shut-up! You’re stupid! Stop being stupid, I hate you!” and summed up most of what I’ve written in this essay.

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Re: English as a Precursor to Law School
Not only should you do english, but when you get to your second language, I would take latin as well, but of course that is me. Latin law is hard to understand.