Original article posted by Cornelius:

I can see that I’ve been away for far too long. Unfortunately, I’m only half-way through. The good news is that I’m half-way done. And I’ll be coming home in January for a couple of weeks. I’ll have to make the rounds, if I can find out where everyone lives now. Except for Asmodeus. As funny as he is to listen to, I’m afraid that I’d just end up hurting him a whole lot for being so cruel to Kelly. That’s uncalled for. You can dislike someone all you want to, but there’s no excuse for not being civil.

Its been a long time, but there’s not been much happening here. Mostly we’ve been getting shot at and blown up. Fortunately the insurgents are a cowardly and superstitious lot. Also, they can’t hit anything smaller than a baseball field on purpose. They hit us occasionally, but we’ve been getting them by the dozens and they get us in twos and threes.

For those of you who want to know what this place is like, watch Dune. It’s not far from the truth. I’ve even ridden the sandworm.

Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve not much else to say. Except for I’m looking forward to hearing from those of you who know me. Oh, keep up the good work Asmodeus. I need a good laugh once in a while. “Summon a tuna sandwich.” That’s classic!

Orginal comments:

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: Thanks to all of the Villagers.
I have a few military people under my wing, Jester is E.O.D.

As for me being so cruel to kellers, oh and its Kellie not with the Y but that is ok I dont judge its not my name after all. Look at it this way, I am a super power (that is just a metaphor) and kellie will be the small country that says it wont take it anymore she wants nothing to do with my country. She tells me that contact is cut off and that negotiations are no longer usefull. Well that pisses my super power country off, how can you be civil if you can not open a dialogue, well you have no other option but war of course.

Hence I am here like America setting up one of my bases, I could be far more worse believe you me and small country kellie also knows that I can be far more cruel to her, of course I could drop a thermal nuclear weapon on her country (from what Jester tells me is far more destructive than us civilians think, and of course he can not tell me how big one of those suckers can get) also a metaphor saying that I have not done anything yet, what i am doing right now is feeling some of you out doing some surveilance if you will, only one of you has caught on though.

I do not underestimate the enemy at all I am cautious how I tread and I have appeared on here with more than one Alias, you just do not know which Aliases I have I am four people in life and on here.

Cornelius may I ask you, what it is that you are doing for your job in the military? Have you been to the great city of Babylon? I heard most of the ruins are under water or at least were under some type of lake, just curious you dont have to answer.

Anyways as a person in the military you know just as well as I, that in any event with fighting, neither of us can stop until negotiations are started and I dont see her doing that at all, so she deserves my cruelty as it escalates now doesn’t she. but of course she uses you people to try to deter me and of course it is not working.

I know how to find her, its only a matter of when she decides to stop pouting and talk to me rather than hit and run, she should know me well enough by now that it does not work to just insult me and run away because I will find ways to fight back.

Anyways I am done with this part I am here to talk to someone in private so if you will by my leave.