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Here is a story I have for many of you, a view of death, something I have had the chance to experience and created what I deam religion.

Years ago before Kellie even knew me I hated my life so much that I decided to end it one night in the season of spring. very few people know about it. Here is what I saw.

When it happened I passed in and out of consciousness, a different body seperated from my own flesh body but it was still connected if you can understand that, I did not hear the voice of god call out to me, in fact it was dark and quiet. The other plane looked exactly like the world you live in with the fleshy body you occupy however it was desolate and dying there was no sun just plain darkness nothing else.

As I looked around there stood three faceless beings waiting for me, for which I had no idea where they came from, these beings currently occupy my body, I will explain them later.

Death to me personaly is a flash of pain and than only darkness, the way I see it, or theorize is maybe there is what one could call heaven but of course I will not be going there. I think when one dies we are all inside that darkness and those who are worthy only can find there way to heaven.

Look at it this way someone instantly sticks you in a dark room pitch dark no light at all, those who are like me will follow around in the darkness seeking to get out but there is no way out because the door is closed, the more worthy you are the wider the door will be open and the light will peer through so that you can find your way you people will see the light and get out of the darkness, the rest of us will be locked away from God and will become different what I call Anima but we will get onto that one later.

Where it gets hazy is what happened between the beings and me waking up or how I came too, but that is my take on death, I wish I could see the light but that will never happen.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: gandhi2
Call to action
My comment isn’t really for this Jason guy, but rather for everybody else who continues a ridiculous interaction with him.

First off, I wanted to say that I value opposition rather strongly in any sort of debate. It lends some credibility to those people who are intelligent and posess well-organized arguments. It helps strengthen a person’s ideals(or at least it should), and see things from another perspective. The fact that I disagree with this guy is little grounds for why I’m saying what I’m saying here. In a society which values free press, a person is entitled to loudly voice there opinions. Unless of course, that opinion is a threat to life, libery, and property of others.

This person, Jason, has loudly and repeatedly threaten more than one member of this site. He has made personal threats to Ryan and Kelly. Nevermind the fact that their are several instances of harassment, this person has threatened people’s lives, and that manner of action should not be allowed. In a free-press society, you can shout how much you hate Jews all you want, but if you say in print that you will kill all Jews, I can guarantee the officers will be knocking on your door. It is the responsibility of the administrators of this site to maintain an environment where people can exchange ideas freely, and to deal with people who can’t play by the rules. I’ve already voiced my opinion to some, but I wanted to announce to the other members, administrators, and the guilty party himself, that I think the correct course of actions is to suspend the privilege of postings to those members who can’t play by the rules(which, in the case of this site, actually allows for quite alot to be said and still be ok).

I can’t speak for the parties on the receiving end of the harassment, but I will give you this advice. You have a responsibility for your own personal safety, and if somebody has made a threat to it, you have a responsibility to take physical, verbal, or legal action to defend yourself.

Nickname: Madman
Re: Call to action
Very well said, Gandhi2. I agree completely.

And Asmodeus, I found this calm explanation and insight into your beliefs a lot more palatable than the rantings and ravings you have insisted on thrusting upon us. I still don’t agree with your beliefs, but they are yours.

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Call to action
If this were to be inacted then I would have to remove Myself and you and Cornellius and Asmodeus and a few other people because we are guilty of threatening someone at somepoint. Regardless of how personal those threats may or may not have been.

Also, Gandhi, if you want to throw people off of a website then go get your own. Don’t tell me how to live my lilfe. Last time I checked I didn’t really like any advice you have ever given anyone.

Furthermore I appreciate your opinion and am happy to not ban this, or other posts you have made simply because I need to flex some authoritarian muscle.

For a guy who doesn’t like government interfering in things you sure do reach for the telephone quickly when it seems that trouble may be a coming.

Just sayin is all.

Nickname: bluesman
Re: Pass through the gates of Flesh.
“Pass through the gates of Flesh”?

Sounds like a snuff film.

For fatties.

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: Pass through the gates of Flesh.
You know it does kind of huh? you bastard I got all kinds of visuals from that statement (barf). You should not poke fun of fat people though, its not their fault, all the chemicals in our food and crap. I am thin, but I am at fault for some of those chemicals I smoke, loaded with chems.

As for the guy with “kill all jews” getting me thrown in jail, think again there are these one people, yeah they are called Nazi’s and I dont mean german world war II I mean this era, and guess what they publicly say “kill all jews” amongst other peoples, the only time they are thrown in jail or prison is when they actualy kill jews or other minorities.

Someone has been watching too much minority report.

Now that does not mean that I am not wrong, with Kellie (note the IE) I see her side but I too have my own side my own needs to her that is selfish, but she too is selfish and pridefull. Here are some of our differences she strives for life and all the things in it, I am ready for death I have accepted it, and it does not scare me to die I know what to expect.

She see’s writing as a form with rules and such, I see it as feelings bad or good I just write what I feel I think they call that free form. She believe’s in higher education, I too believe in the seeking of knowledge what makes us different is I don’t believe in college the reason is when I went last time it was not about how many A’s I had but how much money I had, and people always say what about the pell grant, but you who do go know that they dont give you a lot and usualy it will pay for the classes but what about books, than of course you have to live and work its just too much to me. So I seek my knowledge a different way.

How this all began was well screw i am not going to explain myself I dont need to explain myself I said too much. Well that is all then

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: Pass through the gates of Flesh.
Interresting experience. One of my Drill Sergeants told me once that you control your own destiny. As for going to heaven, you could, if you so chose, become the sort of person who is worthy to be there. That is entirely dependent on you.

You wanted to know what I do and if I’ve been to Babylon. I haven’t been. I’m west of there by some distance. I’m in Field Artillery.

As for your options of having a dialogue and going to war, there is another option. You could choose to leave her alone. Just a thought.

I actually haven’t talked to Kellie (thanks for the spelling correction) in some time. Probably a year at least. I just stick up for her because I stick up for a lot of people who get picked on. I suppose its possible that she’s done something to deserve your hatred, but I’ve not heard the whole story, so I don’t know.

Remember that you can choose to be nice despite the provocation to do otherwise. I suspect that as your avowed purpose is to usher in the reign of the Anti-Christ, you won’t do that. I do hope that you will change your mind.

Nickname: Asmodeus
Re: Pass through the gates of Flesh.
I just want to say I dont hate her, anything but, she does kind of deserve it and than again I wish we could just get along. Being nice to her wont work it never does. It is my fault I am man enough to admitt that. By the way Kellie if you do see this, you are Picard I did that thing and I am Aragorn, who would think huh?

I would like to figure out how to get along with her, she thinks it is just going to happen over night, I cant face those demons that easily and I cant do it alone. I honestly do not know how I am supposed to treat her, but you have to understand the damage Neal did was extensive and all I know how to do is fight her. She hurt me that bad back than and as i move on without her she will always be able to hurt me, but every time she does I will get meaner and more agressive I hold this element right now I placed my base here I watch enemy territory quite often I know she see’s what I write.

I think me and her just need to have sex, angry but very passionate sex. Sorry thinking outloud and just putting it down, I honestly dont know what could make it better. If anyone has a clue let me know cause I dont, all I know is I can not give up on her even if I want to I just cant I dont know why I wish I did.

one of the things that frustrates me is she tries to be my best friend and me her but I am also a best friend with a very large cock (pardon my french) you know how large cock and girlfriends tend to mean trouble. That is what this is really about in a nutshell she despises my big dick cause it penitrates things and it pisses her off cause it aint penitrating her.

Well I better shut up now, good luck in th efield dude, be carefull out there, we are almost 2000 americans now. Just good luck bye

Nickname: -soma-
Re: Pass through the gates of Flesh.
I have no desire to add any fuel to this already ridiculous and offensive dialogue that Jason is propagating. But in my defense, I must ensure everyone else that these things Jason is saying about me are simply not true. His accusations are becoming increasingly outrageous because he is hoping it will provoke me to respond. Well, I guess that it has, finally; However, I felt the need to apologize to everyone else who has had to endure his drivel. This will be the last thing I have to say about all of this.

Nickname: Asmodeus
For Kellie
Liar? I dont remember lying about anything. You could not call it truth or Lies its neither just venting my anger out. I have a right to do that everybody here has a right to do that.

Dont apologize to them Kellie, you do not control my actions, it is not your fault it is mine so dont apologize to them. That is what is wrong with us, you think you have to control all the things I do, understand you can not control the things I do, not even the police or the governement can control what I do.

It is about control, that is all the reason you do the things you do to exhert power over me. People it is not all she has to say about this, she just does not know what she can hit me with, as soon as she figures out how she will try believe you me, I know her pretty damn well on the negative side of her, she will try to hit me with something. It is just harder for her to offend me than it is for I to offend her, believe me even now she is trying to figure out a way to get back at me.

She is doing a pretty good job at trying to make herself look like the good guy, a very good tactic if I could say so myself, oh the apologetic Kellie, how could we dislike such a cute face, she is willing to apologize for that asshole to us. Lies, she scorns they are all lies about me to get me to do what he wants. The problem with that Kellie is many things I have said are not about you they are to you.

Poor Ryan, I have to tell you she has gotten some experience through me, dont piss her off, she will rip into you, I can take it, but I dont think you can.

Well Kellie I guess tha is all i have to say, but I am still staying here, I am going to go on about my religion, there are things in it I have not even told you, if you are still on the power trip to not talk to me that is fine, it will just come down to who can hold there ground the longest, I have to tell you my fortress is pretty built up so go ahead continue to exhert your power over me, mean while if you have something to say about my religious beliefes then by all means do so, just because we are fighting right now does not mean I dont think you are entitled to an opinion good or bad of what I believe it dont affect me so much.

This is not all I have to say, about anything I am going to continue on as I was, and now for Lord Tyr.